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Youngbin Lee

Youngbin Lee

1980 (Seoul)

Activity Korea
Academic ability M.F.A Sungshin Women's University, Seoul
Genre painting
Member Gallery Hakgojae gallery
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Artist Profiles

2009 M.F.A Sungshin Women's University, Seoul
2004 B.F.A Sungshin Women's University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Youngbin Lee, Hakgojae gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Youngbin Lee, Gallery A.R.T.O.G.R.A.P.H, Paju, Korea
2005  Youngbin Lee, Space Cell, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  Spring and Autumn, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
2009  Emotional Drawing, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art
2008  Korean Painting for Every Life, Gaain Gallery, Seoul
2007  Into Drawing, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul
  VISUAL SOUND, CAIS Gallery, Seoul
  Invitation for Everyday Life, SHINSEGAE Gallery, Seoul
2006  Why don't we take a short rest?, Busan Museum of Art
  ISA, Insa Art Space, Seoul
2005  Reading Diary, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul
  A First-Person Space, Sun Gallery, Seoul
  Portfolio 2005, Seoul Museum of Art
2004  Art Seoul, Seoul Art Center
  Vision21, Su-Jeong Bldg., Sungshin Women's University, Seoul
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