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Jungjoo Jeong

Jungjoo Jeong


Activity Seoul
Genre installation, media
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Jeong Jungjoo’s work can be described that he makes mock-up of an architectural environment such as houses, buildings, and building complexes then installs video camera inside the mock-ups to project the empty, simplified environment of the same site in real time. This setting allows him to express more psychological, uncanny experience of the specific sites since the projected image that the video camera captured has different ratio of mock-up to life-size human. It invokes existential experience of the space; mock ups of building enable the audience to be aware of the whole view whereas it makes difficult to sense the inside the structure at least not in the sense of being inside the real building. In this setting, the audience must view the inside of the building only through the eyes of the camera. This estranged the interior that was once familiar to the eyes of the audience. As such, the artist gets to tell us estrangement and uncanniness by paradoxical cross passing of both existing space and virtual space while using shift of size, accessibility, or physical presence and virtuality.

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