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Yeohyun Kwon

Yeohyun Kwon


Activity Seoul
Academic ability M. F. A. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Genre painting
Homepage http://www.arthyun.com
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Artist Profiles

1987 M. F. A. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1985 B. F. A. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  ‘System of Conatus ’ Gallery Soemardja Faculty of Art & Design-ITB, Badung. Indonesia
2010  ‘Decoding Magic ’ The Columns Gallery. Seoul. Korea
2008  Magic Forest' The White Gallery. Seoul. Korea
2007  'Syntagm-Roleplaying' Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris, France
  'Syntagm-Roleplaying' Galerie Lumen. Paris, France
2006  'Syntagmbrid' Bukchon Museum. Seoul, Korea
2004  'Cross all Ages and Countries and all Times and Places ' Savina Museum. Seoul, Korea
2003  Seoul Art Fair, Art Museum Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. Gongsan Gallery
2002  'Floating the I' Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2000  'Painting 1988-2000' Gongsan Gallery, Taegu, Korea
1999  'Instinctive Emotion. Vomit' Seosin Gallery, Jeonju, Korea
  'Instinctive Emotion. Vomit' Wooduk Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998  'Beautiful Days' Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul, Koreal
1997  Jumping into Separating himself from Realities' Gallery Korea, Seoul, Korea
1996  'Pinhole' Gallery Four Season, Seoul, Korea
  'Ego through Pinhole ' Gallery Icon, Seoul, Korea
1994  'What constitute I' Art Museum Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
1993  'Water Millstone' Gallery Korea, Seoul, Korea
1992  'Funnel' Gallery Korea, Seoul, Korea
  'Water Millstone' Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  'Water Millstone' Yokohama International Contemporary Art Fair, Japan
1991  'Meaning of I' Han Gook Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Seoul Art Fair, Art Museum Seoul Art Center, Seoul
1990  'What is I?' Mo Ran Museum of Art, Masuk Town, Korea
  'What is I?' Dong Soong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1988  'Existential Space' Tae Baek Gallery, Taegu, Korea
  'Existential Space' To Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Performance Art Network ASIA
2009  "The 23rd Asian International Art Exhibition" (The University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)
  'The Body Speaks' Touchart Gallery, Heyri. Korea
  'Strange Stories Beyond Lost of Memory' Accent Gallery. Dalkeith, Australia
2008  "Hong Kong International Art Fair" (Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre)
  "42nd International Fair For Modern And Contemporary Art. Art Cologne"
2007  “Les Visages du Christ” Galerie Lumen. Paris, France
2006  “Korean Contemporary Art" Libya-Bab L'Kbir Gallery, Libya, Egypt Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum, Cairo, Egypt
2005  "Korea-Japan 2005 Form of Real" Asian Art Center, Fukuoka, Japan
  "Korean Contemporary Art-See through Ancient Civilizations", Athens Municipal Gallery. Greece Mellina Culture Center. Greece
2004  "Seoul Contemporary Art - Rome" Center of The Association of Architects of Rome
2003  "The Asian International Art Exhibition" Hong Kong Municipal Museum of Art, Hong Kong
2002  "The Salon 2002 Grands et Jeunes D'Aujourd'Hui Paris" Espace Auteuil. Paris
2001  "Asian International Art Exhibition" Kwang Ju Municipal Museum of Art, Kwang Ju, China
  "Korean Contemporary Art-Rotate Asia. National Museum of Modern Art, Viet Nam
2000  "The Asian International Art Exhibition" Tiainan Culture And Arts Center, Taipei
1999  "Korean Contemporary Art" National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi,India
  "The Asian International Art Exhibition".Asian Art Center, Fukuoka, Japan
1998  "Korean Contemporary Art" National Gallery of Modern Art, Sofia,Bularia
  "Alienation And Assimilation" The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, U.S.A
  Albert Borschette Centre, European Commision. National Gallery in Praha, Czecho
  "Ancient Traditions New Forms Contemporary Art From Korea" Joseloff Gallery, Hartford, U.S.A
1997  "Proposta D' orient" Casal Solleric, Palma, Spain
1995  "Koreai Modern Muveszeti Kiallitas", Magyarnemzeti Galeria,Budapest
  "New Asian Art Show-1995" The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo, Kilin Plaza , Osaka, Japan
1992  "Arts And Communication And Movement" Galerie Aida, Hamburg/Galerie Im Atrium, Hamburg, Germany
  "Seoul-New York 92". Korea Gallery, New York
1991  "Peinture Core'enne Modlerne", Foundation Vasarely aix-en Provence, France
1990  "22nd Cagnes International Festival of Painting". Museum Castle, Cagne Surmer France
2009  Ceramic Passion “A Seeker after Truth”, (The 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 International Performance Show)
2007  Performance - “Red Cross” (Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea, Slasar Sunaryo Art Space Bandung. Indonesia
2004  Performance - “Wind Fish” (Kimpo Field, Kumho Art Hall 2009)
2002  Performance - “Floating the I” ((Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2000  Performance - “Art Spirit” ((Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
1994  Performance - “Self Armor"(Art Museum Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
2005  5th Ha Jong Hyun Art Prize, by Ha Jong Hyun Art Prize Association
1995  1st Young Artists Exhibition, 1st Prize Awarded by Han Gook Ilbo (National Daily News Paper)
1991  10th “Suk-Nam” Prize, Awarded by Korean Fine Art Critic Association.
1990  13th Jung-Ang Grand Prix Exhibition, Excellent Prize, Awarded by Jung-Ang Ilbo (National Daily News Paper)
1986  '1986' Biannual Dong-A Fine Art Festival, 1st Prize, Awarded by Dong-A Ilbo (National Daily News Paper)
1984  9th National Subscription by Chang-Jark Fine Art Association, Grand Prize
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