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Soo-kyung Lee

Soo-kyung Lee


Activity Seoul
Genre painting, installation
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Lee Soo-Kyung has been doing works creating new sculptures out of the fragments of broken pottery and drawing with Kyungmyunjusa, a kind of red mineral used to make paint for drawing talisman and Buddhist paintings. After putting together the fragments of discarded potteries with epoxy resin, the artist put a coat on it with cashew paint mixed with gold dust and then gild it two or three layers. She creates a new form out of deserted beings. Through the process of her work, the artists talks about the wound of abandonment and the consolation that comes from healing through beautiful rebirth. She draws with simple, plain lines the images of flames and the borrowed images that seem to come from alter portrait of Buddha and talisman with Kyungmyunjusa, which is told to also help with mental relaxation. The images and the materials used the artist’s works show the religious relevance and give the sense of divine miracle that purifies mind and soul. Lee Soo-Kyung seeks to sooth and control wounded heart and to communicate furthermore with the positive energy that has spiritual life force.

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