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Kyu-chul Ahn

Kyu-chul Ahn


Activity Seoul
Genre installation
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Ahn Kyuchul has been raising questions concerning the boundary of art and the perspective that examines such boundary through reasoning and reflecting with his works using everyday objects. Resisting against the circle of Korean sculptors who mainly worked on decorative art and monumental sculptures, he has been making objects that have metaphysical usage out of hammer, table, bag, house, door and other mundane objects. He displays sculptures neglected in its sense of volume, texture and outer beauty with no real substance and the images dismissed by the society. The artist also attempts to open communication between art and architecture by constructing architectural space. By building a minimal house for a human being, he talks about human desire for living environment and make a proposal by creating architectural space as an architect, not merely borrowing architectural elements as an artist. These works show that Ahn Kyuchul refuses to be classified in a particular genre and that he ceaselessly reasons and introspects regarding division of art and non-art.

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