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Hong-Goo Kang

Hong-Goo Kang


Activity Seoul
Academic ability MFA, Hongik University Art Graduate School, Seoul, Korea
Genre photographic
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Kang Hongku is the photographer whose digital photographs depict landscapes of Korean society with his renowned patched photographic images style. He often creates surreal images by overlaying images on top of the images that he took from mass media such as advertisement and film stills. His works are not that of painted but that of readily available images consequently emphasizing the lightless and temporality of characteristics of digital photographs. We can find his defiance against art history and the society itself through his photographs. Recent development in his work can be characterized that he departed from his renowned Photoshop-ed or dramatized photographs and moved to direct-shoot photographs in order to depict more realistic landscapes while continues to dealing with dark side of the reality in the society. “Osoeri Landscapes Series (2004)” that deals with redevelopment area and “Eunpyung New Town Chronicle (2009)”, which is the reconstruction of digitally captured redevelopment process of Eunpyung district after the district was selected for New Town Project are more of documenting the memory and nostalgia of fleeting or already faded mundane lives that already penetrated his life instead of making his audience to confront social issues the subjects convey.

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Artist Profiles

1990 MFA, Hongik University Art Graduate School, Seoul, Korea
1988 BFA, Hongik University Art College, Seoul, Korea
1976 Mokpo Teachers Collage, Jeollanamdo, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Gloomy House, memory and Document, GoEun Art Foundation, Busan
2010  The House, ONE AND J. GALLERY, Seoul
2009  Vanish Away, Mongin Art Center, Seoul
2006  Leeum Museum, Rodin Gallery, Seoul
  Project Space Kandada, Tokyo, Japan
2004  Gallery Soop, Seoul
2003  Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
2002  Yoska Viewing Room, Seoul
1999  Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
  Gallery Grimson, Gyunggido, Korea
1992  Sagak, Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Criminal Scenes in Korea, Gallery Loop, Seoul
2009  Made in Korea - Magic Moment: Korea Express, Hannover Messe 2009, Hannover, Germany
  Ambiguous Layer, Gallery Lux, Seoul
  BEGINNING OF NEW ERA, The Seoul site for the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
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