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Seoyoung Chung

Seoyoung Chung

1964 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Graduate courses, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Stuttgart, Germany
Genre sculpture, installation
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Artist Profiles

1991 Graduate courses, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Stuttgart, Germany
1989 M.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul National Universtiy, Seoul
1987 B.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Apple vs. Banana, Hyundai Cultural Center, KimKim Gallery, Seoul
2010  The Adventure of Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee, LIG Art Hall, Seoul
2009  Monster map 15min, Gallery Plant, Seoul
2007  On top of the table, please use ordinary nails with small head. Do not use screws., Atlier Hermes, Seoul
2005  Leave the campfire there, Portikus, Frankfurt
2000  Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju
  Lookout, Artsonje Center, Seoul/ Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju
1995  Kumho Gallery, Seoul
1994  HP Schuster Gallery, Stuttgart
1989  Han Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2011  Tell me Tell me: Australian and Korean Art 1976 - 2011, MCA, Sydney
2009  Play of Language, Sungkok Museum, Seoul
2008  The 7th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
2005  Seoul; Until Now, Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen
2003  The 50th Venice Biennale, The Korean Pavilion, Venice
2002  Community and Art, international workshop, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
2001  Promenade in Asia, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
2000  Currents in Korean Contemporary Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon/ Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei/ Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
  The Song of the Earth, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel
1999  To Draw a Line, Total Museum, Seoul
  To Infiltrate, alternative space POOL, Seoul
1998  Feed Bak, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul/ Frauenmuseum Bonn, Bonn
  Defrost, Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju
1997  The 2nd Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
  The Uniformed, Ga-in Gallery, Seoul
  Seoul-Dialog-Hamburg, Hamburg-Dialog-Seoul, International Cultural Factory Kampnagel, Hamburg
2002  Changdong Art Studio
1998  Ssamziespace Studio Program
2003  Kim Se-jung Young Artist Prize
1994  Artist's grant, Landesgraduierte Foerderung, Baden-Wuerttmberg, Germany
1992  Artist's grant , Baden-Wuerttmberg Art Foundation, Germany
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