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Hein-kuhn Oh

Hein-kuhn Oh

1963 (Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Genre photographic
Keyword Façade, New Document, Portrait
Member Gallery Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
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  • Min Kwon, age 16, 2003

  • Jung-suh Yun, age 17, July 19, 2007

  • Two Policemen, September 30, 1995

  • Shin Canaria, Singer 1993

  • Ajumma wearing a pearl necklace, February 25, 1997

Artist Profiles

1993 M.F.A. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
1988 B.A. Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California
Solo Exhibitions
2012  Middlemen, Art Sonje Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2011  Portraying Anxiety, Trunk gallery, Seoul
  Girl's Act, In Camera Gallery, Paris, France
2009  Hein-kuhn Oh, Miki Wick Kim Gallery, Zurich
2008  Cosmetic Girls, Kukje Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Girl's Act, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
1999  Ajumma, Artsonje Center, Seoul View Exhibition
1993  Hein-Kuhn Oh․Photographs & Films, Choi Gallery, Seoul
1991  Uncertain Presence, Seigfred Gallery, Athens, Ohio
Group Exhibitions
2013  Photoquai 4th Biennial, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France
  Real DMZ Project, Cheorwon, Gangwondo
  Who is Alice?, Spazio Lightbox, Venice, Italy
  Beyond the Silk Road, Taksim Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  Beyond Face, Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska
2012  Dream Walking in the Magical Reality, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kaw-chun
  Being Political Popular, UClrvine Art GAlleries, CA
2011  New Photography in Korea II, Galerie Paris Beijing, Beijing, China
  Korean Rhapsody, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
  Believing is Seeing, F fotogallery, Wales, England
2010  On the Line, Daerim museum of Art, Seoul
  A Positive View, Somerset House, London, England
  On the cutting Edge-Aspects of Korean Contemporary photography, Taipei Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan
  Man Ray and His Heritage, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2009  Mask, Dong-gang Museum of photography, Young-wal
  Odyssey-Korea contemporary photography, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Chaotic Harmony, The Museum of fine arts, Houston, Texas
2008  Deadpan, The James Gallery, New York
  Correspondence, Artsonje Center, Seoul
2007  Landscape of Korean Contemporary Photography, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  10 Korea Contemporary Photographers, The Hanmi Museum of Photography, Seoul
  Raised by Wolves, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
  Myth in The Mirror, Artsonje Center, Seoul
  Activating Korea, Govett-Brewster Art gallery, New Plymouth
  Body and Flesh, Trunk Gallery, Seoul
  Elastic Taboo, Vienna Kunsthalle, Vienna
2006  Somewhere in Time, Artsonje Center, Seoul
  The 1st Daegu Photo Biennale, Daegu
  Portrait of Adolescence, Rodin Gallery, Seoul
  Women, Papertainer Gallery, Seoul
2005  Secret beyond the Door-Korean Pavilion, The 51st Venice Biennale, Venice
  Korean Photography since 1945 - The Restoration of Independence, Marronier Art Center, Seoul
  Fast forward, Photographic Message from Korea, Fotografie Forum International Gallery, Frankfurt
2004  Document a map of Photographic Archives, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  What happens between Art and Popular Culture, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwa-chun
2003  From Fashion Photography, Daelim Comtemporary Art Museum, Seoul
  Girl's Act , Typology III, Space Photography Gallery, Seoul
  Image, Korea, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2002  Photographe Contemporaine Coreenne, La Galerie photo, Montpellier
  Pause, Project 3, The 4th Gwangju Biennale, Gwang-ju
  Actor's School, Typology II, Space Photography Gallery, Seoul
  High school Girl, Typology I, Space Photography Gallery, Seoul
2001  Awakening, Australian Center for Photography, Paddington
  The 6th Internationale Fototage, Herten
  The 1st Gana Photography Festival, Gana Art Center, Seoul
2000  A Contemporary Arts in Korea since 1990, Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Seoul
  Contemporary Korean Photographers, a new generation Fotofest 2000, William Towers Gallery, Houston, Texas
  Crying Game, Gallery Boda, Seoul
  35mm Personal Scene, SK Cannon Gallery, Seoul
  1999 Seoul Alive; through the eyes of photographers, Kommunale Gallery, Berlin
  After time, Howart Gallery, Seoul
1998  Contemporary Asian Photography Exhibition, AOI Gallery, New York
  Alienation and Assimilation, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
  A History of Photography exhibition in Korea, Seoul Arts center, Seoul
  Site of Desire, 1st Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
  Two eyes, two windows, Seoshin Gallery, Jeon-ju
1997  Seoul Photography Exhibition97, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Expression of the Unexpressible, Posco Gallery, Seoul
  The Importance of Living, Seonam Gallery, Seoul
1996  Three eyes, Sal Gallery, Seoul
  Photography as it is..., Samsung Photo Gallery, Seoul
  Asian View, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo
1995  Saeck, Artsonje Center, Seoul
1994  New Wind of Korean Photography, Guardian garden Gallery, Tokyo
  Korean Contemporary Photography, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Korean, Indeco Gallery, Seoul
1993  November, A horizon of Korean Photography, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  On the point of me and Others, Walker Hill Museum of Art, Seoul
  Eccentric Seoul, Sonamu Gallery, Seoul
1992  Uncertain Presence, Midtown Y Gallery, New York
  Selected Works 92, Eye Gallery, San Francisco
1991  Art changes, Roberta Kuhn Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  Alternative 90, Seigfred Gallery, Athens, Ohio
  We say..., Seigfred Gallery, Athens, Ohio
1989  Selected Works 89, Black Gallery, Los Angeles
2011  2011 Dong Gang Photography 'The Photographer of the Year''
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