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Jihyun Lee

Jihyun Lee

1978 (Seoul)

Activity Seoul, New York
Academic ability B.F.A. Painting Dept., Sungshin Woman's University, Seoul, Korea
Genre painting
Keyword Space, Threshold, Reflective Surface, Paths, Hybrid space
Member Gallery ARARIO Gallery
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Artist Profiles

2001 B.F.A. Painting Dept., Sungshin Woman's University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2008  Reflective surface, ARARIO Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Mash up, gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul View Exhibition
  ARARIO Gallery, Beijing
2005  Going out, doART Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Window Gallery, Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Confusion of Daily Space, artspacehue.com, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Jihyun Lee Solo Exhibition, Gallery ARTINUS, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Artists with Arario, ARARIO GALLERY, Seoul, Cheonan, Korea
2009  Double Fantasy, Marugame Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
  Document Culture, Musueum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul
  Young Korean Artist 1-Space on Surface, Doosan Art Center, Seoul
2006  The way of viewing objects, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Another Worlds, ARARIO Gallery, Chonan
2005  The space of 'SUM', gallery Sun, Seoul
  Vision & Perspective, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan
  My private gallery, Gana art gallery, Seoul
  3rd_preview, team_preview, Seoul
  Art36 Basel, (commissioned by Gallery HYUNDAI), Basel
  Seoul Exhibition of Young Artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2004  Project 139: Branching Paths, Il min Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  Scent of Woon Jung, Sungshin Women's Univ. Museum, Seoul
2003  The 9th Contemporary Expressions of Korean young artist
  Collected painting, Alternative space LOOP, Seoul
  Gwanhoon gallery, Seoul
2002  Open a refrigerator, Ehwa Woman's Univ., Seoul
  Chinarobot-mask, Dong-duk Art Centre, Seoul
  4th Indiefestival, Club Super Fly, Seoul
  Happy flying pig Metro, Metro Line5, Seoul
  Water, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  5th Seoul fringe Festival, Seoul
2001  Lee, Ji-hyun & Lim, Young-joo, Gallery Helloart.com, Seoul
2000  1st Working in the gallery, Han-seo gallery, Seoul
  Virus-3rd Indiefestival, Seoul
  2nd Working in the gallery, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
  Art factory 2000-l'amour aveugle, Seoul
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