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Kira Kim

Kira Kim

1974 (Daechon, Chungnam, Korea)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Goldsmiths College, MFA in Fine Art, London. UK
Genre painting, photographic, sculpture, installation, media
Keyword Power structure, Critic of Capitalism , Outsiders, Pop-Art
Member Gallery Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
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Kim Kira is called as an avant-garde artist with free mind. His provocative works include painting, sculpture, animation, installation, etc. that always successfully outsmart common senses. He is interested in social criticism that questions power structures and values of Capitalist society and imperialist ideology. However, his way of approaching the subject has been friendly and humorous ones when it comes to that the artist expresses the symbolic figures of the power. Neglected minorities today and the other side of contemporary society from the view point of the weak are depicted through ‘appropriation and parodies’ that the artist employs for his being urged to speak up against negative aspect of ruling class and the reality.

  • Killed pinocchio by Super animals

  • 20th Century Super Heroes_ Monsters

  • 21st Century world

  • Still life with a beer of Budwiser

  • A fire-eater_A great Hitler

Artist Profiles

2007 Goldsmiths College, MFA in Fine Art, London. UK
2002 M.A. Environmental Sculpture Kyoung-Won University, Kyunggi Province, Korea
2001 Special project in Gye-Won Art College (Philosophy and media)
2000 B.A., Fine Arts Kyoung-Won University, Kyunggi Province, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2012  Common Good_Climb Every Mountain, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2009  A republic of The propaganda, Figge von Rosen gallery Köln Germany (March) 2009)
  Super Mega Factory, Kukje Gallery, Seoul Korea View Exhibition
2008  Gold Crystal National Art studio Chang-dong gallery Seoul Korea.
  A republic of The propaganda, Loop gallery Seoul Korea (June 2008) View Exhibition
2007  A palace of mirages, King’s Lynn Arts center Museum, UK
2006  Gagami V – Je t’aime, Moi non plus, Paris Cite 8, Paris. France
2003  I LOVE YOU, Art space FACTORY, Seoul, Korea,
  Minority or Cosmopolitan, + Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
2002  0.000km alternative space LOOP. Seoul. Korea
  Standard Gallery BODA Seoul. Korea
Group Exhibitions
2012  2012 The 6th Move on Asia, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
  Double Doors, Gallery 175, Seoul, Korea
  Camino a 19481 km, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  12 Events for 12 Rooms, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Re-Opening DOOSAN Gallery Seoul, Doosan Gallery Seoul, Korea
  Thoughts on Body, SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2011  Root of Imagination, Gallery Absinthe, Seoul, Korea
  Korean Rhapsody – A Montage of History and Memory, Samsung Museum of Art Leeum, Seoul, Korea
  Nanji Art Studio 5th Open Studio, Nanji Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
  Media Landscape, Zone East, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea
  Poem and Drawing, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Seoul Art Exhibition 2011_Hyperrealism, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2010  Creative Present: Korea Media Art_Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Korea
  Media Landscape, Zone East_Liverpool Biennale City States Project, Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool, UK
  New Organ, Space*C, Seoul, Korea
  Yellow Gate_Special exhibition_Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea
  Artists’ Production, Seoul Museum of Art Namseoul, Seoul, Korea
2009  Biennale and triennial- Prague Biennale
  Don’t panic, Korea Culture Centre, New York
  2009 Focus Korean Contemporary- Central Istanbul Art Centre, Turkey
  Peppermint Candy : Contemporary Art from Korea in Seoul, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  The Meaning of Meals- Eight Stories, Goyang Aramunri Aram Art Gallery, Korea
  Saving by design+plus, Design Art Foundation Korea, Seoul, Korea
  2009 Slovenia Biennale
  Beginning of New Era, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
  Doors Open Open doors, Wile and Kim gallery, New York
2008  Nanjing Triennial 2008 Nanjing Museum, China
  Cerlin Art Prize 2008. LSO space. London, UK
  SH contemporary, Sanghai, China
  ‘Hello, Mr Nam June Paik’ Korean Culture Centre, London, U.K.
  Technique of Deviation Interalia Art company gallery Seoul, Korea.
  Showing Design-Hacking IKEA Seoul Art and Design Centre Seoul Korea
  Busan Biennale 2008 Busan, Korea
  Modest Moment King’s Lynn Art center, UK
  Correspondence, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korera
2007  Jungle juice, Em gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Art of consumers White Cross gallery London, UK
  A Matter of urbanity, among other things, Canal de Isabel ll, Madrid, Spain
  2nd Pochon Asia Art Biennale, Pochon, Korea
  Drawing show. Gallery Factory Seoul, Korea
  Multiple intimacy Istanbul Project, Istanbul, Turkey
  Art Amory show, New York, USA
  4th International Ceramic Biennale, I-cheon, Korea
  Pilot # 3 Monastery of St Damien and St Cosimo, La Giudecca, Venice, Italy
  Contemporary Korean Art: Wonderland, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
  Black Powder+ White Party Kyung-hee University Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Hey Jude, Gallery R, Seoul, Korea
  KIAF Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
  ARCO international Art Fair, Madrid, Spain
  Korean Artist in Europe, International CITE DES ARTS, Paris, France
  Peppermint Candy 1.Museum of Art contemporary, Santiago, Chile
  Goldsmiths MA Show 07, London, UK
  Peppermint Candy 2. MNBA_ Museum of National of Bellas Arts Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006  ALLLOOKSAME KOR_CHINA_JAPAN, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudango Turin, Italy
  3rd Busan Biennale: Living Furniture, SK Pavilion. Busan. Korea
  Exposed: Black & crystal ball, Harrods Department Store, Debating Chambers, London, UK
  On Difference#2, Wurttenbergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
  Circuit diagram, Project space Cell gallery, London, UK
  Static Dynamism: Korean contemporary art show, Jerwood Gallery, London, UK
2005  The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival 2005, Pocheon Asian Art Museum. Korea
  Banana Surfer, 798 Beijing Ieum Gallery, China
  Post IMF, ART-ARK Gallery, Shanghai, China
  OK. Video SUB/VERSION Jakarta Video Festival Galeri Nasional Indonesia
  ATTITUDE - video /short & experimental film/ photography festival. Bitola, Macedonia, Cultural Center
2004  ‘Jack’ Yo-it CAS (Contemporary Art and Spirits), Osaka. Japan
  Thai Film Festival , Bangkok . Thailand
  The Hall-The Cutting Edge East Asia, Changhaw University Museum, China
  M Gallery - SK Telecom mobile project, Art center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
  Move on Asia, SBS 1st floor Atrium. Korea ,Remo-Osaka, Japan, +Gallery- Nagoya, Japan
  SEFORMA 2004 (Seoul Forum Media & Art) Art Center Nabi, Seoul. Korea
  Book in Book Project, Kumho Museum of Art, Korea
  International DigiScape(KOR, JAP,USA, EUP) The Space, Korea
  Senef (Seoul net & Film Fastival) 2004, Hollywood Cinema. Korea
  Digital Homo Ludens, the 4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (media__city seoul 2004), Seoul Museum of Art. Korea
  OUT THE WINDOW (Korea-Japan-China) 2004 3. DDM , Shanghai, China.
  Video IT, Torino, Espace, Viamantova, Italy
  OUT THE WINDOW (Korea-Japan-China) 2004 2. ProJect Space Zip , Seoul. Korea
  Asia Videoart Conference Tokyo -VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo, POLA Museum Annex (Ginza, Tokyo) Japan
  Unusual Combination , +Gallery , Nagoya, Japan
  Hi Seoul- Crash and Flow, The Saedeamoon Prison zone 12, Seoul. korea
  OUT THE WINDOW (Korea-Japan-China) 2004 1. Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo. Japan
  Asia Videoart Conference (AVICON) - SELASAR SUNARYO ART SPACE, Bandung, Indonesia
  YOUNG ARTIST NETWORK – Daegu Culture and Arts center. Korea
2003  International +system, video festival 2002-2003 , Bizart center, Shanghai, China.
  Video on demand, Gallery PICI, Seoul. Korea
  VDO CULTURE LOUNGE 1 IDL TV - Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
  SEFORMA2003(Seoul Forum Media & Art) - Yonsei University, College of Social Science , Seoul. Korea
  Dumbo Art Festival (D.A.C, New York )
  DAEGU art fair, ART
  Junge Kunst aus Korea. Weisser Elefant , Berlin , Germany
  Mobile project 01 milano 'pronto'- Care Of - space, Milano, Italy
  Wedding, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Jeonju international Film Festival (JIFF) Jeonju. Korea
  CITY ZOOM 2003 (International Film & Art Festival) Bremen, Germany
  Circle for circle. Gallery Fish, Seoul. Korea
  Where is my friend's home? , Single channel Videos by 11 Korean Artists 9.27-10.19 / Critical Studies Test Site, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Sweden
  Digital Salon Art Space Heu (休), Seoul, Korea
  A name card, alternative space LOOP. Seoul. Korea
  'Plug-in' Instituition, Swiss, Basel
2002  The color of Korea, Seoul Museum of Art. Seoul, Korea
  The Color of Korea . Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art. Nagoya .Jepan
  Living Furniture . Stone & Water Gallery. Anyang, Korea
  The 2nd indievideo Festival
  Iwate Prefectural Museum of Art .Japan
  cross talk- live inter net Broadcasting.(www.media art.org).KCAF Art Center, Seoul
  INTER PROJECT 2002 - SYMBIOSIS. Inchon Literary Art Center. Inchon, Korea
  Seoul Independent Film Festival 2002
  Osaka Museum of Modern Art .ATC Museum, Japan
  The family - Kasekai Art Center, Nagoya, Japan
  New Generational Tendency in Korea contemporary Art- Paradise among Us, Korea Culture Art Foundation(KCAF) Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  My own Private Seoul. Gallery BODA. Seoul. Korea
  Simmering Silence, Gallery BODA. Seoul. Korea
  Networking of alternative spaces. Lucky Seoul - city and Visual images
  SEFORMA2002 (media & video ) - Yonsei University, College of Social Sciences, Seoul, Korea
  Coming to Our house... Darling Art Foundation- Project Space ' Zip' . Seoul, Korea
  Real InterFace-Swimming across your eyes,.space imA. Seoul, Korea
2012  NRW Project, Artists residency and exhibition in Korean and Germany
2007  The national Art studio, Chang-dong, Korea (1year)
2009  Today’s young artist prize, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2007  King’s Lynn Solo show supported by England Council
  International Cultural Project Korean Culture and Arts Foundation(KCAF)
  The national Art studio, Chang-dong, Korea (1year)
2003  Rising Artist project, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation(KCAF)
  Rising Artist project, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation(KCAF)
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