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Jaewoo Oh

Jaewoo Oh


Activity Seoul
Academic ability BF Honik Univ, Fine Art
Genre photographic, drawing, installation, media
Keyword Reading,Writing,Judgement,Product,Slogan
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  • Chronic with holding of Judgement, installation view

  • Cigar Poem - Man always remember

  • Cigar Poem - The green forest in my mind

  • Republic of Korea

  • Cigar Poem - PARLIAMENT

Artist Profiles

2008 BF Honik Univ, Fine Art
Solo Exhibitions
2009  Chronic with holding of Judgement, ArtSpace Hue, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Can Can project, Space Can, Seoul, Korea
  Symbolon_Everything is never as it seems, Wha’s gallery, Shanghai, China
  Squared secret room, Secret square, _space, Seoul, Korea
  Text@Media, Seokyo Art experiment center, Seoul
  Present from past, Korean Culture Center UK, London, UK
2009  Traveling Art Museum – The tale of the Sun and the Wind, National Museum of Art,
  Sensable Montage, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Text and Image, Suwon Art Center, Suwon
  Winter special: Oddinary Days, PKM Trinity Gallery , Seoul
2008  Social Intervention, Sang Sang Ma Dang, Seoul, Korea
  Decode, Is gallery, Seoul, Korea
  The Bridge, In-Sa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  SeMA 2008, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Battle of taste, Sang Sang Ma Dang, Seoul, Korea
  Daily Life in Korea, Queen's Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (National museum of Art)
  Facinate of Life, LVS gallery , Seoul, Korea
2007  Exhibitionists, Duk-Won Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006  Seo-Kyo dong 398-22, Around Seo-Kyo Dong 398, Seoul, Korea
  No dogs and Artist allowed, Alternative space Miccle, Seoul, Korea
2011  Chang-dong Studio Program, Seoul
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