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Joongkeun Lee

Joongkeun Lee


Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A., Applied Art, Kyungwon University, Korea
Genre painting, photographic, installation
Keyword Pattern,Digital Photography,Kaleidoscope,Installation Art,Public Art,Mandala,Repetition
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Artist Profiles

2002 M.F.A., Applied Art, Kyungwon University, Korea
1999 B.F.A., Fiber Art, Kyungwon University, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Lee Joong Keun - Solo Exhibition, Dosi Gallery, Busan, Korea
2009  Lee Joong Keun, Solo Exhibition ,Cite Internationale des Arts Gallery , Paris, France
2007  Infinite Conundrum ,LA contemporary , LA, USA
  Vibrant Transformations ,Christchurch Arts Centre&Christchurch Art Gallery , Christchurch, New Zealand View Exhibition
2006  Lee Joong Keun, Solo Exhibition ,Gallery Daumesnil89 , Paris, France
2005  PLACEBO ,Paik Hae Young Gallery , Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Playful Riddle ,Avenuel, LOTTE Department store , Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2004  Car_Lay_Do_Scope ,Gallery Artlink , Seoul, Korea
2002  Brave New World ,Dukwon Gallery, Jongno Gallery , Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Close Encounter ,Jeju Museum of Art , Jeju-do, Korea
  Individuals ,Art Park , Seoul, Korea
  HERO - Lee Joong keun& Sheen Yi chul _ two person exhibition ,123 Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Korean Fiber Art Biennale ,The Museum of National Academy of Arts , Seoul, Korea
  First Decade ,Seoul Museum of Art, Gyeonghi-gung Annex , Seoul, Korea
  The Power of Gyeonggi-do ,Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art , Ansan, Korea
  Art@Dibrary ,Korea National Library , Seoul, Korea
  Invitation to the Strange House ,Seoul Museum of Art, Namseoul Annex , Seoul, Korea
  Chasm in Images, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Made in Popland, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwahcheon, Korea
  Invitation to the Special Place, Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center, Goyang, Korea
  Observation like Leonardo Da Vinci ,Savina Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Omaju about Marcel Duchamp ,Gallery Royal , Seoul, Korea
  Playground in Science ,Jeju Museum of Art , Jeju-do, Korea
2009  NO... ,Gwangju Museum of Art , Gwangju, Korea
  Architectural Ceramic Now&New ,Clayarch Gimhae Museum , Gimhae, Korea
  Culturenomics : SOAF 2009 ,COEX , Seoul, Korea
  The Magic of Photography ,Hanmi Photograph Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Heropia ,Seo Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  In Between ,Clayarch Gimhae Museum , Gimhae, Korea
  Soul of Asian Contemporary Art ,Hakgojae Gallery , Seoul, Korea
2008  The Technique of Deviation ,Interalia , Seoul, Korea
  Creative Mind ,Savina Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Art and Capital - Spiritual Odyssey ,Gallery LOOP , Seoul, Korea
  Digital Spectrum ,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
2007  Opening Exhibition ,Hello Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Parallel Lines ,Seo Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Pocheon Asia Biennale 2007 ,Banweol Arthall , Gyeonggi-do Pocheon, Korea
  Movie in Art ,Chungmu Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  NOMADE ,IASK Changdong National Art Studio , Seoul, Korea
  Time and Memory ,Seongnam Arts Center , Seongnam, Korea
  Where Euclid Walked ,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
2006  Contemporary Art Exhibition of India & Korea - Hybrid Trend,,Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center , Seoul, Korea
  Busan Biennale 2006, Living Furniture ,SK Pavillion , Busan, Korea
  Fluid _ Artcanal _ International 06,07 ,Zihlkanal , Le Landeron, Switzerland
  The Power of Imagination ,Korea University Museum Special Exhibition Hall , Seoul, Korea
  Dong-gang Photo Festival 2006 ,Dong-gang Photograph Museum , Youngweol, Korea
  Merz's Room - Seoul Media Biennale ,Seoul Museum of Art, Namseoul Annex , Seoul, Korea
  Circuit Diagram ,Songwon Art Center , Seoul, Korea
  Magic Garden ,Youngeum Museum , Gyeonggi-do Gwangju, Korea
  Sensuous Panorama ,Lounge Gallery , London, UK
  3 Artists@FENDI ,IHN Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Rendering Organs ,Janet Oh Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Spotlight 30 ladies ,Papertainer Museum, Olimpic park , Seoul, Korea
2005  Two Asias, Two Europes ,Duolun Museum of Modern Art , Shanghai, China
  Art & Mathematics ,Savina Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Difference & Repetition ,Busan Museum of Modern Art , Busan, Korea
  Epicures of Art ,Cais Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Mix & Match ,Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art , Deajeon, Korea
  `Banana Surfer ,Ieum Gallery, Dashanzi , Beijing, China
  Artist Project - Art in Science & Technology ,Savina Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Encore ,Seogwipo Savina Museum , Jeju-do, Korea
  Pause ,Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation , Suwon, Korea
  Outdoor Project-Art in Bloom ,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
  City_net Asia ,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
2004  New Face ,Dukwon Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Cutting Edge ,Seoul Auction Center , Seoul, Korea
  Cross-Over 2004 ,Seo Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Unusual Combination ,+Gallery , Nagoya, Japan
  Digiscape ,Gallery The Space , Seoul, Korea
  PingYao International Photo Festival ,PingYao , Shan Xi, China
  Real Reality ,Kukje Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  You are my sunshine : Korean Contemporary Art 1960-2004 Total Museum of Contemporary Art , Seoul, Korea
  Daily Life of Artists ,+Gallery , Nagoya, Japan
2003  Circle for Circle ,Gallery FISH , Seoul, Korea
  Wedding ,Sungkok Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Open Your Eyes ,Marronnier art center, Korean culture&arts foundation , Seoul, Korea
  Facing : KOREA - Korean Contemporary Art 2003 ,Canvas International Art , Amsterdam, Netherlands
  D.U.M.B.O. Art Festival ,Dumbo, Brooklyn , New York, USA
2002  The Pleasure of Patterns ,Gallery Factory , Seoul, Korea
  30,000+31days of Cheongnyangni Station ,Cheongnyangni Station , Seoul, Korea
  Gwangju Biennale Project4 - Connection ,Disused railway site in the city , Gwangju, Korea
2001  Expression of the Time - Hurts and Healing ,Seoul Arts Center , Seoul, Korea
  Unlimited Big Light New Bud Muscle Strong Commend ,Jungdok Public Library , Seoul, Korea
2000  Pink Bacteria ,Alternative space LOOP , Seoul, Korea
  2nd Art Factory Project - Blind Love ,Changdong Sampyo Factory , Seoul, Korea
2009  Cite Internationale des Arts ,Paris, France
2010  Seoul Nanji Art Studio ,Seoul, Korea
2009  Clayarch Gimhae Museum Residency Program ,Gimhae, Korea
2007  National Art Studio, Changdong 5th long-term artist ,Seoul, Korea
  Christchurch Arts Centre, International Exchange Artist Residency Program ,Christchurch, New Zealand
2004  Don O'melveny Gallery Residency Program ,LA, USA
2009  Presentation Activity of a Professional Artist Project ,Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
  Creation & Publish Activity of Excellent Art Project ,Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation of Korea
2008  International Residency Program ,Arts Council Korea
2007  International Cultural Project ,Arts Council Korea
2006  International Cultural Project ,Arts Council Korea
  Christchurch Art Centre New Zealand, Korea Foundation, Asia Foundation
  International Residency Program ,National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea,
  A Professional Artist Project ,Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation of Korea
2005  A Rising Artist Project ,Korean Culture and Arts Foundation

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