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Joungmin Yi

Joungmin Yi


Activity Seoul, Korea
Academic ability M.F.A., Korean Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul
Genre painting, photographic, drawing, installation
Keyword Sense,Place,Indian ink,Boundary,Gap,in betweeness,Discordance
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  • Two pieces of depression

  • An Extinction of Debris

  • Part II. A Short Piece of Music for the Rooftop (Sound. TaeHyun Choi), Untitled

  • Part III. Mama's Earth on the Rooftop

  • Sharing with everybody?

Artist Profiles

2004 M.F.A., Korean Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul
2000 B.A., Korean Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul.
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Rooftop Trilogy, Platform Slowrush, Songdo, Inchoon View Exhibition
2009  The Location of Sensation, Art Space HUT, Seoul. View Exhibition
2007  Binge-purge Syndrome, Gallery Space A-chim, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Facescape, Homage to 8 Woman Artists, Gallery Chang, Seoul. View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2012  'General Stike: Stop the city, Take the street,' Seoul Art Space Seokyo, Seoul.
  'Aerofloat Project', Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, KR
  '3rd Residency Artists Open Studio,' Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul.
  'Open Hangar', Hangar International Residency Program, Barcelona, ES.
  'Creative Attitude in the Distance', Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, KR.
  'The Anthology: Selected Writings and Paintings', Platform Place 629, Seoul, KR.
  'Playground in Island 2012,' Kota Kinabalu, MY
  'The Forces Behind,' Doosan Gallery, Seoul.
  'Open Sea-Sailing along Alternative Cooperative Groups,' Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul.
  'The Forces Behind,' Doosan Gallery, New York, US.
  'The 12th Seoul International New Media Festival Invitational Exhibition-Above your head, under their feet,' Airport Railway Station, Seoul, KR.
  'Truth is Concrete', Steirischer Herbst, Graz, AT.
  'Roadshow:Jeju', Jeju Island, KR.
  'Road to 12,104Miles', PALAIS DE GLACE–PLACIO NACIONAL DE LAS ARTES, Buenos Aires, AR.
  'Life, no Peace, only Adventure,' Busan Museum of Art, Busan.
2011  'Operation-Something Black and Hot,' 19min. Performance Relay, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul.
  'The 1st Public Discourse Sphere-After effects of Neo-liberalism, ' Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul.
  'Life, no Peace, only Adventure,' Busan Museum of Art, Busan.
  'Roadshow: South Korea,'
2010  'Concrete Island, ' Takeout Drawing(Hannam), Seoul.
  'rcfwa(Research Center of Women's Activity) 10th anniversary Exhibition-Milk & Honey, ' The gallery of Korea National University of Arts, Seoul
  Okin OPEN SITE, Okin Apartments, Seoul View Exhibition
  Fiction Project 01-Finding Junho Lee, Takeout Drawing(ARKO), Seoul.
  'Exhibition on paper 2 - Signal, ' Curated by Seewon Hyun., 'Monthly Art Magazine'(August), Seoul.
  Okin Manifesto- 5 Minute Revolution, NJP Art Center, Yongin.
  ASYAAF 2010- Plein soleil , Sungshin womens Univ., Crystal Bldg. Grand Exhibition Hall, Seoul. View Exhibition
2009  Expressive Museum, Woljeon Museum of Art ICHEON, Icheon.
  Scenery of Misunderstanding, Zaha Museum, Seoul.
  Present / Okin Collective _ http://okin.cc
  2009 Special Exhibition-Women and labor, History of Women Exhibition Hall, Seoul
  Wonderful Art Living Furniture, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju.
  The Exhibition for Seokyo Art Experiment Center Opening Ceremony, Seokyo Art Experiment Center, Seoul.
  The Untimely Meditations, 175 Gallery, Seoul
  Conference with Artists , Gallery King,The Culture, Seoul
  Some Place, Gallery IHN, Seoul.
  SeoKyoNanJang 2009, Gallery King, Seoul.
  Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul.
2008  Activists, Gallery JungMiSo, Seoul.
  2008 KIAF Young Artist Presentation Program- KIAF Finds Hidden Treasure, COEX, Seoul.
  Desire of Appetite, Art Space HUT, Seoul. View Exhibition
  2008 Seoul Art Fair_Busan – Special Exhibition, Busan BEXCO, Busan.
  Mesh!!!, Gallery JungMiSo, Seoul. View Exhibition
  Her strange journey for 100 years, History of Women Exhibition Hall, Seoul. View Exhibition
  2008 Cheonggye Art Festival- Open Studio Program, Cheonggyechon, Seoul
2006  Kwangju Biennale-the 3rd sector, Kwangju Municipal Folk Museum , Kwangju.
2005  Domestic Drama, Project space Zip, Seoul.
2004  The State of the House, The Korean Embassy, Oslo, Norway
  Bin_bang_it_o_yo?, ChangDong Art Studio, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  SSamzies Annual Project <Pick & Pick>, .....& Pick, SSamzie Space, Seoul.
  Project group <Shifting Perspective> Co-Work, Gallery Gaia, Seoul.
  Buffering, ArtSonje Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2002  Project group <Shifting Perspective> - Stop at SoSwaeWon, Gallery Gaia, Seoul.
  Grazing by Sound and Rhythm, The Old House of Yun Bosun(The late President) in Insa-dong, Seoul.
  Art Broadcasting Station CROSSTALK, The Art Gallery of Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul.
2013  Incheon Art Platform
2012  Hangar Residency, Barcelona, Spain
  'Fiction Walk-National Museum of Contemporary Art' - Curated by Jangun Kim
  Artist-in-Residency Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
  ‘Truth is Concrete’, Steirischer Herbst 2012, Graz, Austria
  'Aerofloat Project', Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
2011  Artist-in-Residency Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
2010  'Fiction Walk-Jeongdong' - Curated by Jangun Kim
  Takeout Drawing(Hannam-dong) Residency Program
  'Other Residence / Community Research 2010' - Curated by Eunyoung Chae
2009  Present , Okin Collective_ http:,,okinokin.tumblr.com
  'Fiction project 01-Finding Lee Junho' - Curated by Daebum Lee
2003  Project group Shifting Perspective - Co-Work
  ArtSonje Center Parking lot Project
2002  Project group Shifting Perspective - Stay at SoSwaeWon
2012  Grants from 'Truth is Concrete', Steirischer Herbst, Graz, AT.
2010  'Joungmin Yi Solo Exhibition- Rooftop Trilogy,' Supported by Platform Slowrush, Songdo, Inchon.
  Okin Collective- Internet Radio Station Studiio+82, Selected from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul.
2009  Joungmin Yi Solo Exhibition-The Location of Sensation, Selected from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul.
2008  Selected from 2008 KIAF Finds Hidden Treasure, COEX, Seoul.
  Selected from 2008 Seoul Art Fair_Busan – Special Exhibition, Busan BEXCO, Busan.
2005  Jounmin Yi , Shiu Jin 2 Persons Project -Domestic Drama, Selected New Artist Exhibition from Arts Council Korea, Seoul.
2003  Grants for Outstanding Theses, The Graduate School of Ewha Womans University, Seoul.
2002  Specially Selected from The Exhibition of International Arts exchange Association, The Gallery of Sejong Center, Seoul.
  Selected from Na Hyeseok Womens Grand Art Exhibition, The Culture & Arts Center of Kyunggi-do, Suwon,
2001  Selected from Korea Grand Art Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.
  Selected from The Grand Prize Exhibition organized by <Art World> Magazine, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
2000  Selected from <Art World> Magazine - New Frontier Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul.

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