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Enhee Oh

Enhee Oh


Activity Seoul
Academic ability MFA Hansung University,Seoul,Korea
Genre painting
Keyword Gold dust,Female,Hair,Religion,Contradiction
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  • The painting of the reigning beauty

  • Six

  • Game

  • The realities of unspeakable

  • Observing the sound of water and the moon

Artist Profiles

2012 MFA Hansung University,Seoul,Korea
2009 BFA Hansung University,Seoul,Korea
Group Exhibitions
2012  Golden Days, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Jung-Dong
2011  Guard Group, Interalia Art Company, Seoul
  DMG 600 Li, Awoolim, Goyang-si, Korea
2010  Red Dots, sohungallery, Seoul
  Korea Arthistory + Portrait of a painter. Deachunghomuseum. chungwon,Korea
  time machin Erlgallery, Seoul
2009  kim Hwan Gi International Atrs Festoval, KimHwanGimuseum. Sinan,Korea
  p.p-pawerful pating , Susungartpia,Deagu,Korea
  KoreaArthistory + Portrait of a painter kimdaljinmuseum.seoul.
  IYAP, Interalia Art Company. seoul
2008  Brand new Eugene gallery. Seoul
  Shoot towards tomorrow ,Chung jeong gak, Seoul
  Asiaf The Chosun-A Daily News, Seoul
  Inter_viewing Painting, Soma museum, Seoul
  P.P-pawerful Painting Susung Artpia. Deagu, korea

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