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Jeongsoon Oum

Jeongsoon Oum


Activity Seoul
Academic ability Graduated Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Munchen, Germany
Genre painting, photographic, drawing
Keyword Line, Speed, Time, Drawing
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  • Graffiti while Touring a city 2

  • Line in Body-a step

  • Line in Flower-red

  • Drawing the flower's speed 1

  • Untitled

Artist Profiles

1988 Graduated Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Munchen, Germany
1983 Graduated College of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Shinsegye Dept. Main store Artwall Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Gallery Samtoh, Seoul
2006  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Gallery IHN, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Prize of Credit Lyonnais Art Book, Hakgojae, Seoul View Exhibition
1999  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Gallery IHN, Seoul View Exhibition
1997  Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
  Akira Ikeda Galley, Nagoya, Japan
1996  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Gallery Nine, Seoul View Exhibition
1994  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, WELLSIDE GALLERY View Exhibition
  Total Museum, Kyungki-do,Korea
1993  Jeongsoon Oum Solo Exhibition, Gallery Seomi, Seoul View Exhibition
1990  Gallery IHN, Seoul
1989  Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
1987  Gallery Rosenberg, Offenbach a.M, Germany
Group Exhibitions
2010  Floating Petals, Shinsegye Gallery, Seoul
2008  Busan Biennale -Sea Art Festival
2007  ACAF07(Asian contemporary Art Fair) New York , Gallery Seomi&tuus
2006  Peony after peony, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art.
2004  Chemical Art, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
  Contemporary Art from KOREA, Chester Beatty Library Gallery, Dublin
  Image Utopia, Hancheum Art Center
2003  Art Book Arts, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  Landscape of Dokdo, Seoul National University Museum
2002  The 17th Asian International Arts Exhibition, Dajeon Municipal Museum of Art Spring, Gana Arts center, Seoul
  Another History of Art: Representation of Feminity, Ewha Womans University Museum
2001  The Reinstatement of Painting, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea The Present, Gallery IHN
1999  Body in Painting, Hanrim Museum, Daejeon,
  SKIN CARE, Gallery Sai, Seoul
1998  The Reversion of Drawing, Hwanki Museum, Seoul
1996  An Aspect of Korean Art 1990's, The National of Modern Museum Art, Tokyo, Japan
2006  Shining for Longevity & Happiness, LED Lighting Installation ,
2005  Peony,Mural in The National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul
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