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Jungki Beak

Jungki Beak


Activity Seoul
Academic ability MFA University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art
Genre sculpture, installation, etc
Keyword Space,Installation,Water,Rain,Heal
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  • Greener Greener

  • Vaseline Helmet #1

  • Sweet Rain

  • Vaseline Helmet and Armor

  • Sweet Rain

Artist Profiles

2008 MFA University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art
2007 PGD London Institute, Chelsea College of Art
2004 BFA Sculpture,Koomin University, College of Fine Art
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Blue Pond, Supplement Space Stone & Water, Anyang View Exhibition
  Sweet Rain, Insa Art Space, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Wasser + Oleon, Space 15th, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2009  Cough, Stone and Water, An-yang, Korea
  Platform in Kimusa, Kimusa, Seoul View Exhibition
  Wasserleben, Wassermesse ICC, Berlin, Germany
  Hydromemories, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela View Exhibition
  Common Sense, Urban Art, Seoul, Korea
2008  AND SO IT GOES, Art news Projects, Berlin, Germany
  Flock GLASGOW-TLV, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  Apartment Viewing, Ard Bia Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  Read Your Tea Leaves Carefully, CCA, Glasgow, UK
2004  Love, Its power, Kimi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011  Turin, Filatoio di Caraglio (Upcoming)
2009  Wasserleben, Wassermesse ICC, Berlin
  Hydromemories, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas
2011  Bridge Guard Artist Residency, Sturovo, Slovakia (Upcoming)
2008  Ard Bia Berlin Artist Residency, Berlin, Germany
2010  Insa Art Space Foundation Award, Art Council Korea, Seoul
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