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Haklyang Kim

Haklyang Kim


Activity Seoul
Academic ability ABD Art History, Graduate School of Myounji University
Genre photographic, drawing, installation, etc
Keyword tradition,change, modern, literati painting, joke(humour), appropriation
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  • Self-generating Orchid

  • No Creating Orchid

  • Self-generating Orchid

  • The way to you-獻花歌(Heonhwaga-Song of Presenting a Flower)

  • Crown

Artist Profiles

2010 ABD Art History, Graduate School of Myounji University
1995 MA Art History, Graduate School of Hongik University
1991 BFA Oriental Painting, Seoul National University
Solo Exhibitions
2009  The Way to You, Space Zip, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Wait a minute, …, Art space Hue, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Potrayal of scenes- Photographic circumstances Ⅱ, Gallery Godo, Seoul View Exhibition
2001  Potrayal of scenes- Photographic circumstances, Gallery O2, Seoul View Exhibition
1998  Literati taste ― Orchid, Gallery Boda, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Becoming a line by going over the plane, and then erase the line, Space Ssee, Daejeon View Exhibition
2009  Novel 01, Takeout drawing ARKO
2008  Get in touch with, Design studio Workroom, Seoul View Exhibition
  Options of Fragment, K-art Space in Kyoungwon University, Sungnam View Exhibition
2007  Korean Painting- still or for the first time?, Gallery Yian, Daejeon View Exhibition
  Channel, two men show with Jae-ho Jung, Doll Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Drawn to Drawing, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  Don't emigrate Ⅱ, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  The declaration of the situation, Korea Democracy Foundation exhibition hall; National Assembly Library exhibition hall View Exhibition
  close into_Drawing, Gallery Scape, Seoul View Exhibition
  Don't emigrateGallery Jungmiso, Seoul View Exhibition
  Quietly, three men show with Jong-heon Bae and Gwan-hoon Lee, Gallery Fish, Seoul View Exhibition
2001  Scattering, Arko Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2000  Flowing backward, Chang'go, Paju View Exhibition
  No creating Orchid, two men show with Jun-sung Bae, Dam Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  A Skein of thread, Sagan Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Inside Outside, all over Samchong-dong, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Lost in Town, all over Myoungnyun-dong, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Curator's Award to the Memory of Lee Dong-Suk. A Memorial Assembly for the late Lee Dong-Suk, Busan
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