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Haiminsun Lee

Haiminsun Lee


Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A Yong-In University
Genre painting, drawing, installation, media
Keyword City,Nature,Life,Machine,Landscape,An erect stem, Arts,Mutant
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  • Getting out of porch

  • A week

  • Ananimal called 'APT'

  • A scene package

  • light-out and getting out of the room with closing the door

Artist Profiles

2004 M.F.A Yong-In University
2001 B.F.A Yong-In University
Solo Exhibitions
2013  Water and steamed rice, Amado Art Space, Soul View Exhibition
2011  The half-dead things - planta erectus, SSamzie non pab gallery, Gyeonggi, Korea
  The half-dead things - The Tracing Rope, Dr. Park Gallery, Gyeonggi, Korea
2010  The half-dead things: standing erect plant, NANJI ART STUDIO, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  The half-dead things 2, The culture, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  The half-dead things, gallery Doll ,seoul View Exhibition
2006  Transitory spacial transformation, gallery King, seoul View Exhibition
2005  pink and pig, Alternative space HUE, seoul View Exhibition
2004  a private exhibition of artist who is not famous , Gallery Chang,seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2011  Prohibition of Excavation, Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea
  Happy Window, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
  Being with you, Gallery Behive, Seoul
  Beyond Drawing, Space 15, seoul
  Hybrid Creativity, Savina Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Drawing Club, Space Beam, In-chun
  Daegu Art square, Daegu Exhibition Convention Center, Daegu
2010  companion planet , Dr.park gallery , Gyeonggi
  Duet exhibition, gallery 2 , seoul View Exhibition
  FIRST DECADE,SeMA Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art
2009  Planet A: Emergence of Species, ILMIN Museum , Seoul View Exhibition
  Korean artist , Gallery Fukuzumi , Japan Tyoko
  I Robot , SOMA Museum, seoul
2008  creation anatomy , Gyeonggido Museum of Art View Exhibition
2007  Artists, What is Science for you? , National Art Museum , Kaist
  Deburaux Aponem ,Galerie Deburaux Aponem, FRANCE , Paris
  Art-Lan-Asia, zaim gallery , Japan , Tokyo View Exhibition
  mathematics and Art ,Savina Museum of contemporary art , Seoul
  cornette , Cornette , FRANCE , paris
2006  Young Korea Artists , National Art Museum
  drift diary , Dong-duk Art gallery, Seoul
  Gwangju Biennale -Art Market ,Gwangju folk Museum
2005  portfolio 2005 , Seoul Museum of Art
2004  Gwangju Biennale ,Gwangju Biennale 4 gallery
  stoker, Artspace Hue, Seoul View Exhibition
  derailed ,Alternative space pool , Seoul
2003  Art Seoul supervised by Manif -Duet exhibition ,Seoul Arts Center
  ‘RE-MAKE’- Duet exhibition,Alternative space beam, Gyunggi do
2010  Nan ji Art studio
2009  Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
2008  Arts council korea
2006  Arts council korea
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