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Jihyoung Seo

Jihyoung Seo

1978 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul
Genre sculpture
Keyword Sculpture Memory Eraser Clay
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Artist Profiles

2005 M.F.A. Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul
2002 B.F.A. in Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2009  Emotional Memories, Gana Art Center Miru I, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2011  The beauty of tiny thing, Gallery ArtUser, Seoul
  Border group, Interalia Art Company, Seoul View Exhibition
  Young Artist Project, Gallery O’s, Jeonju
  Various, Choijeongah Gallery, Seoul
2010  My room our atelier, Gana Art Center, Seoul
  Asia Pop Art, Kookmin Bank Gold&wise, Seoul
  material & sensation, Insa Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
  funny space, Moin Gallery, Seoul
  CITE International des Arts, Paris
  Intuition, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  The Joy Luck World, Gallery Artside, Seoul
  Multi-Colored Sentiments : Act Ⅳ, Gallery Zandari, Seoul
  IYAP 2009, Interalia, Seoul
  Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
  Seo, ji hyoung Han, ki chang Exhibition, 123 Gallery, Seoul
  Korea Tomorrow 2009, SETEC, Seoul
2008  Cross Culture, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  Emotional Factor+y, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art,
  The Bridge, Gana Art Center, Seoul
  JangHeung Atelier, Yangju, Korea
  Kwangju, Gyeonggi, Korea
  Memories of Tomorrow, invited by Chonggye Studio, Gallery Chonggye, Seoul
2007  Funny Painting, Funny Sculpture, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
2006  Emotion, Humanity, and Seoul, Sejong Center Art Museum, Seoul
  Wake Up Andy Warhol, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul
2012  Youngeun Art studio_short-term, Kwangju, Korea
2011  JangHeung Atelier, Yangju, Korea
2010  JangHeung Atelier, Yangju, Korea
  CITE International des Arts, Paris
2009  JangHeung Atelier, Yangju, Korea
2008  JangHeung Atelier, Yangju, Korea
2010  Hongkong International Artfair, Hongkong
  Asia Top Gallery Hotel Artfair, Seoul
2009  Asia Top Gallery Hotel Artfair, Seoul
  Hongkong International Artfair, Hongkong
2008  Asia Top Gallery Hotel Artfair, Tokyo
2007  Asian contemporary Art Fair, Newyork
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