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Jihye Park

Jihye Park

1983 (b. Gyeonggi)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. Graduate School of Painting Hongik University Seoul
Genre painting
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Artist Profiles

2009 M.F.A. Graduate School of Painting Hongik University Seoul
2006 B.F.A. Department of Painting Hongik University Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Moving Things, Insa Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Jihye Park Solo Exhibition, Noam Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2012  20+ Goyang artists' exhibition, Aram Gallery, Goyang View Exhibition
2011  Exhibition of Women Artists, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju View Exhibition
  The Seoul Art Exhibition 2011-Hyperrealism, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  What kind of 'real'?, Albemarle Gallery, London
  Summer Show 2011, HADA Contemporary, London
2010  Chocolate Box, Jangheung artpark, Yangju View Exhibition
  Paintings; now, things that are expressed, Gana Art Space, Seoul
  Chocolate Box - All the Scenes of the World
2009  SHE-Another Gesture, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul View Exhibition
  Seogyo Sixty 2009 : The Game for Respect
  Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul
  Another daily life - the past and today of hyperrealism
  13 Young Artists : Adove Daily Life Rho Gallery, Seoul
  Beyond the New Oulim art gallery, Goyang
  The 1st Annual Goyang Cultural Foundation Emerging Artists' Awards - Sight, Oulim Museum View Exhibition
  Sungnam art center, Sungnam
  Seogyo Nanjang 2009 Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2008  Secondary Sensation I-myu projects, London
2007  Asian Young Artist Gallery The Chai, Heyri Art Valley, Paju
2006  The Gaze, The Newgate East, Seoul View Exhibition
  PAGPotential Artist Group - Concealed Energy
  P & P Gallery Zandari, Seoul
  Retrospective 2007 - Korean Young Painters, Doosan Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Kyunghyang Gallery, Seoul
  ZOOM + CANVAS Gallery i, Seoul
  Stretch, Keumsan Gallery, Heyri Art Valley, Paju View Exhibition

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