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Jeeun  Park

Jeeun Park

1972 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. Printmaking, Ewha Womans University
Genre installation
Keyword medical
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  • A research about emotion and physical reaction according to neurotransmitters

  • Dr. Too much& Lack clinic

  • Interview with hart surgeon

  • operation room

  • Dr. Too much& Lack clinic

Artist Profiles

1997 M.F.A. Printmaking, Ewha Womans University
1995 B.F.A Painting, Ewha Womans University
Solo Exhibitions
2006  Placebo Effect, Gallery Saamzie, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Romantic Healing, Gallery Artside, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Pill SADI window gallery, Seoul
1998  Balance Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  Pilot program korean artist exibition ,Gyeonggi creation center
2009  2005 Future Scope ,Savina Museum
  The Cinematic_Montage ,Seoul Museum of Art-Namseoul
2008  International Incheon Women Artists Biennale
  open studio ,18 th street arts center, LA
2007  open studio ,Ssamzie space
  Anxiety, Ssamzie space & Bizart center ,Seoul-Shanghai View Exhibition
  Collaborates for international exchange program
  Unconscious Journey Li Pinghu & Jeeun Park ,Biz-art , Shanghai
2005  Builder ,Kimi gallery
  Pick&Pick ,Ssamzie space
  Portfolio ,Seoul Museum of Art
  Power Station, Arko Art Center, Seoul View Exhibition
  EMP,Ewha Womans University Museum of Art
2004  Present ,Seo gallery
  Changdong mungwall ,Changdong studio gallery
  Document ,Seoul Museum of Art
  Standard ,Ewha Womans University Museum of Art
2003  Where are you? ,Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum
  Print stream 2040 ,Busan Museum of Art
  Dream of Object ,Kumho Museum of Art
  Entre Paris et Sēoul ,Galerie Paris Beaubourg, Paris
2002  Five-colored Woodcut Exhibition ,Kumho Museum of Art
  Supermarket Museum ,Sunggok Museum of Art
  E-print media ,Gallery Fish
  Reflection & Refraction ,Gallery Boda
  Pan ,space SADI
2001  commend P ,Gallery Sagan
  Korean Modern Art The Expression of Era-Wound and Cure ,Seoul Arts Center
  Art House ,Posco
  something or nothing ,Gallery Chang
2000  Thru the book ,Gallery theres
  Kids Drawing Festival A Rabbit and Submarine ,Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum
  The Development and Transition of Korean modern printDaejeon Metropolitan Art Museum
  Sancala ,Gallery Jo
1999  Print/Art/Book ,Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  99 Ewha ․Action ․Vision ,Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  2000 Factory Art Festival ,Icheon Samae Factory
1997  Printmaking Tomorrow ,Insa Gallery, Hansookyung Gallery , Seoul
  Public Information and Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan in Korea, Korean
  Cultural Center, Embassy of Korea in Japan
  Printmaking Exhibition on Young Artists Impression about Japan,
  Exhibition for the Next Generation of the Future ,Inter Gallery, Seoul
2010  Gyonggi Creat Center Residency Program, Ansan
2007  Ssamzie Artist Residency Program, Seou
  18th street arts center Residency Program, LA
2004  Changdong Artist Residency Program, Seoul
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