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Minae Kim

Minae Kim

1981 (b. Seoul)

Activity London
Academic ability M.A in Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London
Genre sculpture, installation
Keyword Object, Installation, Space, Architectural, Landscape
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  • The Strait Gate

  • Manuscript-paper Drawing b

  • Wind Fishing

  • Distant Stairway

  • Well-ordered Mop

Artist Profiles

2011 M.A in Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London
2007 M.F.A., Graduate School of Seoul National University, Seoul
2004 B.F.A. in Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2008  Anonymous Scenes, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2011  Show RCA 2011, Royal College of Art, London View Exhibition
  Space Study, Plateau_Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  A Future Pump House, Pump House Gallery, London View Exhibition
  4th 4482: Rhizosphere, Barge House in Oxo Tower Wharf, London
  Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Award Exhibition: Eonu Society of Sculptors, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul
  Bloomberg New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Sheffield / ICA, London
  Incheon Women Artists' Biennale_Main Exhibition: Terra Cognita, Incheon Culture and Arts Center, Incheon
2010  Future's Future's Future, Korean Cultural Centre UK, London
  Embrace, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh View Exhibition
  The Welcoming City, Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf, London
  Lunch is for Wimps, Triumph showroom, London
  Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London
  Oblique Strategies, Kukje Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Some…Scenes, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
  Exchange Show, Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin
  Finding Lee Junho ( ), Takeout Drawing, Arko Art Center, Seoul
  Aim High, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  RCA Secret 2009, Royal College of Art, London
2008  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grau Gallery, Seoul
2007  Neo-Utopia, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
  Funny Funny 6, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
  29th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Prize Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul View Exhibition
  Iron and Arts, Iron Museum, Umseong
2006  Silla, Gyeongju National Museum, Gyeongju
  Three Temptations, Gallery Woodeok, Seoul
  Iron and Arts Symposium, Iron Museum, Umseong
2005  Five Senses+@, Hongik Univ. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2004  The Stage-Imagination Relay in Club, 5th Exhibition Hall, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
  Project A.L. space 3, Main Library of Chongsin Univ., Seoul
  Hadaeri Art Festival ‘Vacation of Art’, Hadae-ri Community Hall, Hoengseong
  Preview 2, Alternative Space Team Preview, Seoul
2011  Selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries
2008  National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, Arts Council Korea
2007  29th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Prize, 2nd Prize
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