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Youngmi Shin

Youngmi Shin

1979 (b. Kyoung Ju )

Activity Seoul Korea, Maryland USA
Academic ability MFA Kookmin Univ.
Genre painting
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  • Duck Boat

  • Cactus

  • Blooming Soul (a)

  • The Pond

  • Hidden Dream

Artist Profiles

2006 MFA Kookmin Univ.
2002 BFA Kookmin Univ
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Sweet, Swee,t Lonely, Sweet , Thomas Cohn gallery, São Paulo, Brazil upcoming
2008  Blooming Soul, Blooming Spirit ,gallery SUN contemporary, Seoul
2004  hidden dreams , brain factory, Seoul
  Ah!... Mr. Narcissus , art space Hue, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  4 Korean Young Artist – Andrew Bae gallery, Chicago upcoming
  About Love – gallery Bob, Seoul
2009  Art Singapore , Singapore
  Truth about retina ,interalia art company, Seoul
  Cold Cell – Union gallery, London
2008  Star Wars,Episode 1 , UNC gallery, Seoul
  CIGE , China World Trade Center, Beijing, China
  Sweet November , UNC gallery, Seoul
  Hotel Art Fair –Tokyo, Japan
  Pop n Pop , Seongnam art center, Kyoungkido
  The Soul of Korean Contemporary , Insa art center, Seoul
2007  sun0708 , gallery SUN contemporary, Seoul
  no bounds , sun contemporary gallery, Seoul
  Beijing Art Fair , Beijing, China
  International Incheon Women Artist's Biennale , Incheon arts center
  Another Home , Cais hongkong gallery, Hong Kong
  the weather forecast , Seoul Museum of Art
2006  Magic Door Restaurant , Casa del Vino, Cais gallery, Seoul
  Young Korean Artists , Chapter 42, Seoul
  fun&fun , gana art , samsung tesco home plus gallery, Seoul
  Trend,Spotting , gallery hyundai, Seoul
  Finding Any Landscape in The Room,Pan Festival , Jin Art gallery, Heyri
  Gaze , The Newgate East, Seoul
2005  arts of the therapy , Danwon museum, Ansan
  funny funny , gallery sejul, Seoul
  Cinderella's going out , art space Hue, Seoul
  art cologne , cologne messe, Germany
  portfolio2005 , Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  for two young artist , Seoul Auction Center, Seoul
  will you love me tomorrow , the Ministry of Women, Seoul
  Brush Hour , space ieum, Beijing, China
  anticipation 2005 , Sun Art Center, Seoul
  Brush Hour in Shanghai , Helens drawing Space & Art, Shanghai, China
2004  Imaginary Diet , Sungkok Museum, Seoul
  review at Home , Kookmin Art gallery, Seoul
  squat , Espace da vinci gallery, Seoul
  the roof garden exhibition near Railroad , subway No.4 line
2003  Jangja's Dream , Kookmin art gallery, Seoul
  Castle in the House , Enprani avenue, Seoul
2008  Goyang art studio residency National Museum of Contemporary Art
2007  Nanji art studio residency Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2003  selected & supported by Art Space Hue, Seoul 'Imagination Factory' program
  selected as 'an artist of the 2004' by brain factory, Seoul suppoted by Paradise Culture Foundation

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