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Kichang Han

Kichang Han

Academic ability Ph, D Dankook University, Seoul, Korea
Genre photographic
Member Gallery Hakgojae Gallery
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  • Hybrid Landscape

  • Bona fide bonding

  • The Garden of Roentgen

  • The Garden of Roentgen

Artist Profiles

2006 Ph, D Dankook University, Seoul, Korea
2000 M.F.A Korea University, Seoul, Korea
1993 B.F.A, Chugye University for the Arts, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Kichang Han Solo Exhibition, Hakgojae Gallery , Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2007  Hakgojae Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Gallery , Seoul, Korea
2006  Gana-Beaubourg Gallery , Paris, France
2005  Cite Internationale Des Arts Gallery , Paris, France
2004  Heyri Art Valley, Hwang Inyeong Studio , Pajyu, Korea
  Sejul Gallery , Seoul, Korea
2003  Hyundai Gallery, Window Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Changdong Art Studio , Seoul, Korea
  Kumho Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
2002  Total Museum of Contemporary Art , Jangheung, Korea
2001  Arko Art Center , Seoul, Korea
1999  Digital KEPCO Plaza , Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Sun Gallery’s 33rd Anniversary Exhibition ,Sun Gallery , Seoul
  Seoul Open Art Fair ,KOEX, Seoul
  Youngeun Museum , Gyeonggido, Korea
  Youngeun Museum’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition
2009  Art Furniture ,NefSpace , Seoul
  Miami Art Fair ,Miami, USA
  New Generation of New Space ,Creative Culture Space Kring , Seoul
  Former Defense Security Command Building , Seoul
  Inaugural Exhibition of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  Eye of the Pacific Rim ,Jeju Museum of Art , Jejudo, Korea
  Harmony - 6th Anniversary Exhibition ,Yoo Art Space , Seoul
  Korean Eye 2009 - Moon Generation ,Saatchi Gallery , London, England
  Contemporary Korean Art – Woolim’s 35th Anniversary Exhibition,Woolim Gallery , Seoul
  Modernized Conventional Flowers and Birds ,Interalia , Seoul
  Kumho Museum’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition ,Kumho Museum , Seoul
  Chocolate Box ,Jangheung Artpark Museum , Gyeonggido, Korea
  Dubai Art Fair ,Dubai
  Antipodes ,ICAM , Gyeonggido, Korea
  Portraits of Our Lives ,Gana Art Center , Seoul
  Message From the Past ,Grimson Gallery , Seoul
  Gana Art Center’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition ,Gana Art Space , Seoul
  Naturally Natural ,Sungkok Art Museum , Seoul
  Pleasant Accompany ,The K Gallery , Seoul
2008  Meme Trackers ,Songzhuang Art Museum , Beijing, China
  Blue Dot Asia ,Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  A Thousand Flowers Blossom, Atelier Artists Exhibition,Insa Art Center , Seoul, Korea
  GMA New Acquisitions - Collection Reconstructed,Gyeonggido Museum of Art , Ansan, Korea
2007  Representative Artists of the National Art Studio : Con-terminal,National Museum of Contemporary Art , Gwacheon, Korea
  Critical View - From Modern to Contemporary, Insa Art Center , Seoul, Korea
  The Blooming Tale ,Gallery Eugene , Seoul, Korea
  Museum Looking for You - New Landscape,Gyeonggido Museum of Art , Ansan, Korea
  Just Flowering ,Aram Art Gallery Opening Exhibition , Goyang, Korea
  Flowering Day at the Museum,Bukchon Art Museum, Gongju National Museum , Gongju, Korea
2006  Brand New - Collectors’ Item ,Eugene Gallery Opening Exhibition , Seoul, Korea
  World Light EXPO Installation Art Exhibition ,Shenyang, China
  Science and Art Special Exhibition,National Science Museum, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art , Seoul, Korea
  Ssamzie Art Mart ,Ssamzie Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  History and Consciousness - Dokdo Scenery, Touring Exhibition,Seoul Auction, Goyang KINTEX, Daegu, Cheongwon, Korea
  Poem and Art – In Full Blossom ,Insa Art Center , Seoul, Korea
  Cutting Edge ,Seoul Auction , Seoul, Korea
  Heyri Pan Festival 2006 ,Heyri Art Valley , Paju, Korea
  Art, All Bloomy ,IAAN Gallery Opening Exhibition , Seoul, Korea
2005  San Francisco Science Fun Experience ,Gana Art, BEXCO , Busan, Korea
  Youngeun 2005 Residency Exhibition,,Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art , Gwangju, Korea
  SCENES ,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
  Art and Play – Funsters,Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  POCHEON Asia Art Festival - The Road,Pocheon Banwol Art Hall , Pocheon, Korea
  Echoing Beyond Time - Conventional and Contemporary,Museum of Ehwa Womans University , Seoul, Korea
  Plant Portrayals ,Gana Art, Samsung TESCO Opening Exhibition , Seoul, Korea
  Five Korean Painting Artists’ Invitational Exhibition,Gyeonggido Museum , Ansan, Korea
  World Light Expo Installation Art Exhibition ,Seoul Broadcasting System, Korea
  4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Media City Seoul 2005,Seoul Museum of Art , Seoul, Korea
  Kids Having Fun with Korean Painting ,Geumho Art Gallery , Seoul, Korea
2004  Sight Expansion and Coexistence ,Geumho Art Gallery , Seoul, Korea
  Ventriloquist’s Dummy ,Danwon Arts Center , Ansan, Korea
  Harmony : Flowers & Birds ,Gana Art Center , Seoul, Korea
2003  Korean Nude Art Exhibition 2003 ,Sejong Center , Seoul
  Changdong Art Open Studio ,National Museum of Contemporary Art , Seoul
  Art Spectrum 2003 ,Samsung Museum of Art Leeum , Seoul, Korea
2002  Korea-Japan Young Painters Exhibition ,Korean Cultural Center , Tokyo
1999  100 Korean Painters All Over the World,Sejong Center for the Performing Arts , Seoul
  A Thousand Years of Fresco Aesthetics ,Sungkok Art Museum , Seoul
2008  Jangheung Atelier, Gana Art Center Residency Program, Korea
2006  Jangheung Atelier, Gana Art Center Residency Program, Korea
2005  Paris CITE International Residency Program, Paris, France
2004  Youngeun Studio, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2003  Changdong Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
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