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Younjoo Ham

Younjoo Ham

1971 (b.Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A, Pratt Institute, New York
Genre sculpture, installation
Keyword Smooth,Tension,Blooming,Hair,Spring,Nylon stocking
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Room size labyrinthine web of her hair and geometric composition with tens thousands of crystals are the works that brought fame to Ham Younjoo. These materials are not only Ham Younjoo’s basic formative material but also the materials often interpreted as feminine, fragile, and mundane material. The artist, however, pays attention to the physical tension that each material innately posses and the tension that are created when they were interacted with and reacted against the artist herself, and the materials to each other. Her works should be separated from the category of the works that art objects as a vessel to contain symbolism, metaphor, and concepts if we try to appreciate her art. For there were fragility it was possible to make tension of the delicate materials, alteration of their presence while the artist utilize repetition and shadows making them a unit of living being and one form.

  • A Smooth Tension

  • haute

  • cube

  • cube, installation view

Artist Profiles

1999 M.F.A, Pratt Institute, New York
1996 M.F.A, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul
1994 B.F.A Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2009  A Smooth Tension, Research and Art gallery, Seoul
2007  Cinderella’s Propose III Gallery H, Seoul
  Blooming Moment, Gallery IHN, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Seed, ART PARK, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  All, Project Space Sarubiadabang, Seoul View Exhibition
2000  A Smooth Tension, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul View Exhibition
  O.K.Harris, New York
  A Smooth Tension, Gallery Hyundai Window Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
1998  In Process, Pratt Studios, New York View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Moon is the Oldest Clock, National Museum of Art, Deoksugung, Seoul View Exhibition
  Grand Weaver Gana Contemporary, Seoul
  Individuals ART PARK, Seoul
  Different Form, Space Gong Myung, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Bloom in Color Shinsegae gallery, Seoul
  Beginning of New Era, Construction Site of National Art Museum in Seoul, Seoul View Exhibition
  Drawing Sculpture- Build house in the air, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  SHE: Another Gesture, gallery Hyundai,Seoul
  Cheongju International Craft Biennale-outside the box Cheongju Art Center, Cheongju
  A Small Fortune ART PARK , Seoul
2008  the bridge Gana Art Center, Seoul
  UP-AND-COMERS, Total museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  Mother and Daughter: Women’s History through generation maturation P-House, Tokyo
  B SIDE doART Seoul, Seoul
2007  Mother and Daughter: Women’s History through generation maturation,Art Sonje Center, Seoul
  Post Feminity with MINE, Yoo Art Space, Seoul View Exhibition
  visual reflection Art Park, Seoul
  1ère vue PASSAGE de RETZ, Paris
  Lines in Space, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Gyeonggi View Exhibition
  INSIGHT OUTSIGHT ganaart Busan, Busan
2006  Dialogue to Space Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul
  Chemical Art III Monin Art Space, Seoul
  Pre-Draw Gallery Dos, Seoul
  Art in Bloom 2006 Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  The Log Book The Young Eun Museum of contemporary Art, Gyeonggi
  Dialogue to Space Chungmu Gallery, Seoul
  Drawing Energy, Arco Art Center, Art Council Korea, Seoul View Exhibition
  LiLLiPuT in Me mushroomarts, New York
2005  NANO in Young Artist, Gallery SSamzie, Seoul, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul View Exhibition
  Art Omi International Artist Residence Art Omi, New York
  Yong Eun 2005 Residency The Young Eun Museum of contemporary Art, Gyeonggi
2004  The Breath of House Yeongam Pottery Culture Center & Gurim Village, Yeongam
  Youngeun 2004 Residency, Young Eun Museum of contemporary Art, Gyeonggi View Exhibition
  Drawing from Life Cais Gallery
  Music Space 21-2004 festival Munwha Hall, Seoul
  Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami
  Light collection, Gallery Hyundai Plus, Seoul
2003  Prince & Princess Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
  Dreaming Object Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
  Ewha Media Art Festival Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul
  Han-Fluss-Rhine Ballhaus, Düsseldorf
  Han-Fluss-Rhine Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf
  Intro, Gallery Ihn, Seoul View Exhibition
  Little Masters Art Park, Seoul
  City_net Asia 2003 Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2002  Dream of butterfly Contemporary Museum of Hong Ik University, Seoul
  Korean Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Seoul Art Center Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
  Another History of Art : Representation of Feminity Ewha Woman’s University Museum, Seoul
  Artists' Christmas, GALLERY IHN, Seoul View Exhibition
  What is Sculpture?, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  New Face 2002 Total Museum, Gyeonggi
  Neo Painting, Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi View Exhibition
2001  Soft outside / Solid Inside, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  Working Degree Zero, Gallery Boda, Seoul View Exhibition
  Emerging Ⅱ Sense & Sensibility, SSamzie Space, Seoul View Exhibition
  Invisible Touch, Art Sonje Center, Seoul View Exhibition
  The World 'with-out' other, Insa Art Space, Seoul View Exhibition
  Art in Life, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul View Exhibition
2000  Reverse Flow, Warehouse, Gyeonggi View Exhibition
  Forest of Human Beings, Forest of Painting Kwangju Biennale Special Exhibition, Kwangju
1998  Changing and Transformation Gallery Korea, New York
2005  The Korean Culture and Arts Promotion Fund, Seoul
  Paradise Culture Foundation, Seoul
2004  5th Kyoung An Artist-in-residence Program, The Young Eun Museum of contemporary Art,Gyeonggi
2003  4th Kyoung An Artist-in-residence Program, The Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art,Gyeonggi
1993  International Taki-Huji Art Award, Japan Traffic Culture Association, Tokyo
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