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Taejin, Yook (1961-2008)

Taejin, Yook (1961-2008)

1961 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul,Japan,New york
Genre drawing, sculpture, installation, media
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  • a Tube

  • Ghost furniture

  • Dancing stairs

  • Mirror

  • Disguise

Artist Profiles

Solo Exhibitions
1998  Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
1996  Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul
1991  Total Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2002  Contemparary Daejeon. Lotte gallery. Daejeon
  Retrospective. Ilmin Museum of Art. Seoul
  SEFORMA 2002. Yonsei University. Seoul
  巫dia-MediaArt in Korea & Shamanism. Yonsei University. Seoul
2001  The Artists gone to department store. Lotte gallery. Daejeon
  Multimedia Image. Daejeon Expo. Daejeon
  Science in Art. Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art.Daejeon
  The Missing. Gwangju Municipal Museum of Art.Gwangju
2000  Utopia. Dystopia. Sungsan Arthall. Changwon
  New Millennium Exhibition. Seoul Municipal Museum of Art. Seoul
  Watching TV. Igong Gallery. Daejeon.
  Daejeon Media Art 2000. Daejeon Muncipal Museum of Art. Daejeon
  Shamanism & Cyber space. Hanwon Museum of Art. Seoul
1999  Seoul in Media '99-Lumia of Century. Seoul Municipal Museum of Art. Seoul
  Conversional Spring. Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art. Daejeon
  Korean Comtemporary Art-Trends In The '90s. Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery. Seoul
  10 Years Anniversary Exhibition 1320. Kumho Museum of Art. Seoul
1998  Body in Painting. Hanlim Museum of Art. Daejeon
  Art, Nikita Assemble, Nikata, Japan, Tiger's Eye, Ilmin Art Center, Seoul
  Contemporary Art of North East Asia. Prefectual Civic Center. Niigata. Japan
  Frame more than Painting. Kumho Museum of Art. Seoul
  Media and Painting. Sungkok Museum of Art. Seoul ,
  In the Eye of the Tiger. Ilmin Museum of Art. Seoul
  New Generational Tendency in Korean Contemporary Art '98. Fine Art Center. Seoul
  Alienation and Assimilation. The Museum of Contemporary Photography. Chicago
1997  Flowing Humor in the Museum. Sungkok Museum of Art. Seoul
  Scope. Daejeon Culture Center. Daejeon
  Body as Text. Kumho Museum of Art. Seoul
  In the Eye of the Tiger. Exit Art. New York
  The Luminous Image Ⅱ. Eight Floor Gallery. New York
  Kwangju Biennale '97. Aperto-Scientificity. Kwangju
1995  Front DMZ. Insa Gallery. Seoul
  International Copy Art Expo. Gallery Artbeam. Seoul
  Triennale Kleinplastik '95. Sudwest LB. Stuttgart. Germany
1994  Hidden in Space. Noksaek Gallery. Seoul
  Science and Art Show '94. KOEX. Seoul
  Symposium on Electronic Entertainment '94. KAIST. Daejeon
1993  Exposition , Out-position. IIongin Gallery. Daejeon
  Sight & View. Gallery Vision. Daejeon
  Open Message - Printing Media. Midopa Gallery. Seoul
1992  Life Today, Arts Today. Kumho Museum of Art. Seoul
  '90s Arts-Way & Grouping. Chungnam Gallery. Seoul
  New Ventures '92. The National Museum of Contemporary Art. Kwacheun
  Horizon of Korean Photography. Seoul Municipal Museum of Art. Seoul
  Eye-Atitude for Children. Space Gallery. Seoul
  Garden of Hypothesis. Kumho Museum of Art. Seoul
  Fiower Sculpture. Hyundai Gallery. Daejeon
  Internantional Show of Com-Art '92. New-Core Event Hall. Suwon
1991  Symbolic Themes Organised by 9 Artists. Hyundai Gallery Daejeon
  Made in Korea. Sonamoo Gallery. Seoul
  易雲淳9♀♂覺 + OC XX. Hyundai Gallery. Daejeon
  Symbolic Themes Organised by 6 Artists.
  Positions. Hyundai Gallery. Daejeon
1990  Self-So. Daejeon Culture Center. Daejeon
  Total 114. Total Gallery. Seoul
1988  Place of the Contemporary Arts. Gallery Doll. Seoul
  11th Seoul Contemporary Art Festival. Fine Art Center. Seoul
1987  Encounter with Things. the 3rd Gallery. Seoul
  New Direction '87. Yoon Gallery. Seoul
  Daejeon Youth Triennale '87. Citizen Hall. Daejeon
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