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Hojin Lee

Hojin Lee

1974 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.A. New York University, New York
Genre painting, installation, media
Keyword City, Public, Painting, Abstract, Addiction
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  • Nomadic Holiday

  • 21 Untied diffi-world

  • Twilight farm

Artist Profiles

2003 M.A. New York University, New York
2000 B.F.A. Pratt Institute, New York
Solo Exhibitions
2009  FEAST, Gallery Chosun, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Galerie Lumen, Paris
  National Goyang Art Studio Gallery, Goyang
  What I can say in the city, Brain Factory, Seoul View Exhibition
  Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt
2005  Gallery Chosun, Seoul
2004  Reflective Creation, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2002  Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  Total Museum, Seoul
2009  Artside Gallery, Beijing
  Space CAN, Seoul
  Seoul art space_Guemcheon, Seoul
2008  Total Museum, Seoul
  Seoul design olympic 2008, Seoul
  Space Da, Beijing
  Busan biennale contemporary museum, Busan
2007  Seoul museum of Art, Seoul
  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2006  National Goyang Art Studio, Goyang
2005  Art Cologne, Koln
  City Residence Studio Gallery, Frankfurt
2004  Marronnier Art Center, Seoul
2003  80 Washington Square East Gallery, New York
2009  Seoul art space_Guemcheon, Seoul
2008  Project Space Beijing Residency, Beijing
2006  La Cite Internationale des Arts Residency, Paris
  National Goyang Art Studio Residency, Goyang
2005  Frankfurt City Residence Amt fur Wissenschataft und kunst, Frankfurt
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