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Suniy Im

Suniy Im

1971 (b.Daejeon)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A, Sculpture, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
Genre photographic, sculpture, installation
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  • seascape,installation view

  • Hanpyeong of the Black Sea

  • Shelter - Limits of growth, installation view

  • Difficult eye#5

  • Difficult eye#5

Artist Profiles

2004 M.F.A, Sculpture, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
2001 B.F.A, Sculpture, Chung-Ang University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Discriptive Sight ,Gallery VIOL, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Descriptive Sight ,Gallery CHA, Seoul
2008  Trifocal Sight, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul View Exhibition
  Trifocal Sight II ,KWANHOON projects, Seoul
2007  Absurd Journey II ,Alternative Space Sonamu, Anseong
  Absurd Journey, THE Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  Isolated-Island, Space cell, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Shelter, DoArt Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Invitation to a Wondrous House ,SeMA Namseoul, Seoul
  Artist-centered Network:DECENTERED ,Busan Museum of Art, Busan
  Him of Gyeonggi-do ,Gyeonggi Moma
  my room our atelier ,ganaart center, Seoul
  Beyond Landscape ,artpark, Seoul
2009  A layer of the senses ,Art museum KNU, Daegu
  Nanji Relay Exhibition 2009 ,Nanji gallery, Seoul
  Planet A : Emergence of Species ,Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
  Seoul Photo2009 ,Lux gallery, Coxe, Seoul
  International INCHON Women artists Biennale ,INCHON art platform, Inchon
  NANJI 3rd open studio ,Seoul Nanji Art Studio, Seoul
  indistinct stratum, obscure layer ,Lux gallery, Seoul
  Another Masterpiece-2008Gyeonggi MoMA New Acquisitions ,gyeonggi Moma
  Artist-centered Network:DECENTERED ,Arko Art Center, Seoul/Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
  Shanshui Excursion ,gallery zandari, Seoul
  SPACE A ,space, Seoul
  The 9th Photo Festival WHAT IS REAL? ,ganaart center, Seoul
  Fusion 304 ,Grimson gallery, Seoul
2008  Gyunggi Art Festival ,Ie-young Contemporary Art Museum, Suwon
  8th Songeun Art Award Show ,Insa Art Center, Seoul
  Take color ,KiMi Art, Seoul
  2008 Art Farm Project ,Alternative Art Space Sonamu, Anseong
  Sculpture Show of Chung-Ang University Faculty Association ,Space 1984, Anseong
  Millennium Seoul ,Hilton Hotel, Seoul
  AIR PROJECT- Nanji open studio ,Nanji Art Studio, Seoul
  Negative Image ,Gyunggi-Do Museum, ansan
  Bridge Art Fair NY with KWANHOON gallery ,New York, NY
  Chung-Ang Alumni Sculpture Show ,Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul
  POTOGRAPHY – Three-person show ,KWANHOON gallery, Seoul
  Busan Art Fair- BEXCO with KWANHOON gallery, Busan
2007  T-shirt, Anseong Civic Centre ,Anseong, Gyunggi Provence
  Gallery A&S Opening Exhibition ,Gallery A&S, Seoul
  Regular Exhibition of the Korean Fine Arts Association ,Anseong Civic Centre, Anseong
  NOMADE, Open Studio ,Chang-Dong International Artists Studio Program, Seoul
  Shift-Spectrum ,Space Temsae, Seoul
  The 5th Uiwang International Placard Arts 2007 ,Uiwang Baegun Lake, Uiwang
  Mohave ,KIA Motors Dongdaemoon Branch, Seoul
2006  The 28th Chung-Ang Fine Arts Prize Seoul, Artists of Year ,Art Centre, Seoul
  Marionette, Special Exhibition for Young Artists ,SpaceTemsae, Seoul
  SeMA 2006 Selected Emerging Artists ,Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Chung-Ang Sculpfest ,Suwon Museum of Arts, Suwan
  2006 Korea Young Artists Biennale ,Deagu Arts Center, Deagu
  2006 Pusan Biennale, Living Furniture ,SK Pavilion, Pusan
2009  JangHeung Atelier Artist
  Seoul City Nanji Art Studio 3rd Artist , Seoul, Korea
2007  National Changdong Art Studio, 5th Artist , Seoul, Korea
2008  8th Songeun Artist Award , Third winner,Songeun Foundation
2007  Seleted Artist for the Archive SOMA Drawing Centre, SOMA Museum, Seoul
  Selected Artist Award, The Drawing Center at Soma Museum, Seoul
2006  Korea Young Artists Biennale, Daegu
  25Artists of Year, The 28th Choon-Ang Fine Arts Prize, Seoul
2004  Songeun Artist Award , Third winner,Songeun Foundation
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