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Taekyu Yim

Taekyu Yim

1976 (b.Seoul)

Activity Korean, China, Singapore, Hongkong,England
Academic ability M.F.A Paintings, Chung-Ang Univ
Genre painting, drawing, sculpture
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Lim Taekyu’s known for his unconventional method of classical eastern painting. He has shown consistent interest in concept on ‘marginal men’ as his subject matter. His idea on marginal man has developed as the edition grew. Till the year 2005, the marginal men constituted with people who are confused and not able to be adjusted to the society. People who are not able to settle down are portrayed from the person-observer narrator’s view point in his painting. By the year 2006, his idea on marginal men are shifted to surreal dimension in which marginal men are ones who escaped from the reality and dream of utopia. The artist speaks that he came to realization that marginal men are not moping over the dark side of the society only. This become the occasion through which he develop deeper sense of sympathy and taking the lead on the picture plane. The supple movement in cheerful color is applied and the characters are freely cruising the surface adding liveliness. The characters are mingled with brightly colored reality celebrating joy and diversity in lives. Lim Taekyu’s investigative attitudes on the subject matter and imagination on them are incorporated with the brush strokes to create joyful images.

  • fly away home #12

  • fly away home #13

  • a night flight

  • monster

  • fly away home #22

Artist Profiles

2007 M.F.A Paintings, Chung-Ang Univ
2000 B.F.A Paintings, Seoul National Univ.
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Yim Tae kyu & Matteo Sbaragli, Opera Gallery, London View Exhibition
2009  erehwon,Art Seasons, Beijing View Exhibition
2008  Fly away home ,Gallery LVS, Seoul
2007  The 26th Annual Suk Nam Arts Award – Yim Tae Kyu solo exhibition Marginal man - Day dreaming ,MORAN Gallery, Seoul
2006  Marginal man, Galerie GAIA, Seoul View Exhibition
  Marginal man - Desperado ,KUMHO Museum, Seoul
2005  Marginal man ,Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris
  Marginal man ,Galerie PICI, Seoul
2004  Marginal man ,Seoul Art center, Seoul
2003  Marginal man ,Gong Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  Lack of being ,Interalia Gallery, Seoul
  Idiolect: Contemporary Art from Asia ,Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
  small is beautiful ,Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing
2009  aurora,zaha museum
  Art museum wore an expression ,woljeon museum of art
  Encounter: Dublin, Lisbon, Hong Kong & Seoul ,KOREA Foundation
  Insa art festival ,Gallery Artside
  Artist of song eun art & cultural award ,song eun gallery
  LI NINGs 19th anniversary exhibition ,Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing
2008  55 Contemporary artists selected by the art Critic ,Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
  KAMI`s Choice : The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art ,Insa Art Center
  To be or to have ,Farmleigh Gallery, Ireland, ,Galveias Gallery, Portugal, ,Hong kong Visual Arts Center, Hong kong
  Transcendence: modernity and beyond in Korean art ,Singapore Art Museum , Singapore
  KOREA Icon Beat ,798 Space , Beijing
  Hello Muk.Zzi.Ppa ,Hello Museum
  From Korea ,Art Seasons, Beijing
  From Korea ,Art Seasons, Singapore
2007  The rest of the time ,THE Gallery
  So talented ,gallery yeh
  Insa art festival ,Gallery Sun
  From Korea,gallery LM
  Seoul Art Cinema charitable exhibition ,Gallery Artside
  Asian contemporary art auction ,Christies Hong Kong
  Friends of KUMHO ,KUMHO Museum
2006  Korea Young Artists Biennale 2006 ,Daegu Culture and Arts Center
  Artists ,Gallery Jung
  Gallery Ho Auction ,Gallery Ho
  40 Young bloods ,Opra Gallery
  GWANGJU BIENNALE the third sector - Citizen program Open art market
  Pre-International Incheon Women Artist Biennale - For Male artists Part tunning
2005  Chung-Won exhibition ,Gong-Pyung Art Center
  Shin-Dong exhibition ,Gong-Pyung Art Center
  Vision-Multiplicity of contemporary art ,Gyung Hyang Gallery
  Song-Eun Art&Cultural Foundations art competition ,Hangaram Art Museum
  Korea-China contemporary art exhibition ,Dae-Jun Metropolitan City Hall
  Gi-Un-Sang-Dong exhibition ,Sejong Art Center
  Chung-Dam art festival ,Galerie PICI
  2005 Painting of Korean - Situation and prospect ,Galerie GAIA
2006  Goyang National Art Studio Residence Program ,National Museum of Contemporary Art
2006  The 26th Annual Suk Nam Arts Award ,Suk Nam Arts and Cultural Foundation
2005  Song Eun Art Award ,Song Eun Arts&Cultural Foundation
  KUMHO Young Artist ,KUMHO Museum
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