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Kyungmi Lee

Kyungmi Lee


Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A, Painting , Hong-ik university, Seoul, Korea
Genre painting, installation
Member Gallery Cais Gallery
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  • Two Gods and Astronaut I

  • San Francisco on the table II

  • Inferno

  • Nana in the box

  • Solitude

Artist Profiles

2006 M.F.A, Painting , Hong-ik university, Seoul, Korea
2004 B.F.A, Painting, Hong-ik university, Seoul, Korea
2000 B.F.A, Printmaking Hong-ik university,, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  You Don't Own Me, CAIS gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Street on the tableCAIS gallery, Hong kong View Exhibition
2008  Nana Lee & Ranken Kim, PYO Gallery, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2007  Room for Nana, CAIS c-cafe, Seoul, korea
2006  Theninedoors, No-am gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005  Nana In side, IDP gallery, Seoul. Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  The Multiple, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009  Illusion, Parkryusook gallery, Seoul, korea
  TheBooks, Parkryusook gallery, seoul, korea
2008  Neo sensibility, Withsoace, Beijing, China
  Trompe-l'oel in Imagination, CAIS gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Animal in Arts, Gallery Erl, Seoul, korea
2007  Diversity in form & thoughts, Shanghai duolun museum, Shanghai, China
  Recto & Verso of Korean Hyper Realism, LMGallery, Seoul, Korea
  Real seeing & Real view, In-sa art center, Seoul, Korea
  Tribute for Fancier, Sp gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Sense of moment, Hong-Kong CAIS gallery, Hong-Kong
  Star Exhibition, Insa art center, Seoul, Korea
  Critical Perspective, Insa art center, Seoul, Korea
  Korean contemporary artist 40-YKA, Insa art center.seoul, Korea
  The Story of Cats & Dogs, Dae-Jeon Museum, Dae-Jeon, Korea
2006  Korea youth art biennale, Dae-gu, Korea
  Diversity in form & thoughts, Beijing art gallery of imperialcity, Beijing, China
2005  VISION21, sung-shin museum, Seoul,Korea
2000  Korea-Japan printmaking interchange exhibition, Tama university, Japan

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