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Soyoung  Park

Soyoung Park

1961 (b. Sokcho )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability B,F.A. , Fin Arts Education,Inha University
Genre sculpture, installation
Keyword Going nuts, Viewing stone, DeongEoRi, Shell
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  • Green Chair

  • shell of sculpture

  • viewing stone series7

  • shell

  • DeongEoRi

Artist Profiles

0000 B,F.A. , Fin Arts Education,Inha University
0000 M.F.A., Sculpture, Seongsin Women's University
0000 Graduated from Graduate Course of Staatliche Akademie der Bildende Künste Stuttgart, Germery ,Aufbau Studium, bei Inge Mahn
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Going nuts, tongeuydong Boan Motel, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Over and Over, Kimchongtung Sculpture Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Dungari, project space Sarubia, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Light, Ga gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Green and Pack Gallery Fish, Seoul
  Flower, Object Startower gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  REMIND, Youngun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju
  Heteromorphism, space Gong Myung, Seoul
2009  得道 Archive, ,zaha Museum, Seoul
  Miraculous Recovery, park soyoung+park soyoung, Lina gallery , Seoul
  Hand of alchemy, interalia Art Company , Seoul
2008  Sculpture Now 2008 'The Shell or Skin of Sculpture',Moran Museum of Art
  Pre- Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival 2008 Peripatetic Amusement, Manas Art Center
  Cool, urbanart gallery , Seoul
  Delta 2008 Daegu Textile Documenta, Daegu Culture&Arts Center, Daegu
2007  Anyang Public Art Project, Anyang View Exhibition
  H! pop, Gallery Yemac, Seoul
  It takes Two to Tango, Kumho Museum, Seoul
2006  Light-Environment Art Exhibition 2006, Shenyang, China
  THE LOGBOOK, Youngun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju
2005  Movement on Silence, Gallery DOS, Seoul
  CHANGDONG Open Studio, Changdong Art Studio, Seoul
  Another Landscape, Borim Publication, Paju Publication belly
2004  RE-Creative Artwork, Art factory, Paju
  Consonance, Sungbo Museum, Haein Buddhist temple, Hapcheon
  Spring Blossom, Seoul Nation University Hospital Healthcare System, Seoul
2003  Art Sonje Collection Show the 5th Anniversary, Artsonji Center, Seoul
  Heyri Festival 2003 ‘Art in Architecture’, Heyri Art belly, Paju
  Beauty, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
  Into the Life, Kangnam St.Mary's Hospital, Seoul
  City-net Asia 2003, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2002  Containers, Marronnier Art Center, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul
  Taking Nine Colors, Youngun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju
2001  Next generation Art contemporain D'Asie, PASSAGE de RETZ, Paris
  To the New Light and Life, Kyoung-An Open Studio, Youngun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju
  Urban Garden, Art+Deco project1, Space Sadi Gallery, Seoul
2000  Shell of Sculpture Keumsan gallery, Seoul
2005  2005 Changdong Artist-in-Residence, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2002  Kyong-An Artist-in-Residence, Young-Un Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwangju
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