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Sunkwan Kwon

Sunkwan Kwon

1973 (b. Jeonju-sI)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A ,Media Art, Korea National University of Arts
Genre photographic
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  • Configurated in Accumulative Space-An angry man seizing by the old man's neck

  • A Practice of Behavior-Gestures in Swimming Pool SN 7-009

  • A Practice of Behavior-54 Tables in Library SN 7-012

  • A Practice of Behavior-95-gestures about spiral feeling which is flexible, rough, winding and boring

  • A Practice of Behavior-Gestures of Neighborhood patrol SN 7-159

Artist Profiles

2005 M.F.A ,Media Art, Korea National University of Arts
2003 B.F.A in Photography, Sangmyung university
Solo Exhibitions
2009  A Practice of Behavior , SungKok Art Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Isolated from the Territory, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul View Exhibition
2001  Have relations to A~, SeoShin Gallery, JeonJu
Group Exhibitions
2010  On-air, GyoDong Art Center, Jeonju, Korea
  Oh! Masterpieces, Gyeonggi Museum of Mordern Art, Ansan, Korea
  Lifescape in Art, Pohang Museum of Art, Pohang, Korea
  Unity in Diversity- Project Standing by000- Contemporary Art Workshop, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
  Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles, France-The Street and Representing public space-Projection Show, Arles, France
  The Moment, 63 SkyArt Museum, Seoul
  First Decade, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2009  Three From Korea, Mindy Solomon Gallery, St. Petersburg, USA
  Cine-Roman and Narrative, Kunst Doc Gallery, Seoul
  City-Ray, Space Beam, Incheon, Korea
  Photo Korea 2009- Shooting Image, Coex, Seoul
  No…, Kwangju Museum of Art, Kwangju, Korea
  The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2008  Ssamzie Space 1998-2008, Ssamzie Space, Seoul
  Photography and Now, Art-bit Gallery, Seoul
  The Neighborhood Institution, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
  The Big and Hip Korean Photography Now, Rho Gallery, Seoul
  Art in Daegu 2008 : Uprising of the Image, KT&G, Daegu
  Post Citizen- Finding Our Way, 2008 ChangWon Asian Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon
  Place and Placelessness- 2008 Dongkang Photo Festival, Dongkang Museum of Photography, Youngwol
  The Game of Places, UTS gallery, Sydney
  The 9th Open Studio Exhibition , Ssamzie Space, Seoul
  Metropolis in Sub-Way-World, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
  DirectorS’ Cut, The Gallery of Korea national University of Arts, Seoul
2007  Double Take, Galeries d’exposition Salle Melpomene- Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-ArtsEnsba, Paris, France
  Adamantine Scene, Art-bit Gallery, Seoul
  Daejeon Fast 2007-Mosaic City, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  Adamantine Scene, Art-bit Gallery, Seoul
  Photography is a response- I agree an interpretation ,Okgwa Art Museum, Kwangju
  Beyond Art Festival, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  Daejeon Fast 2007-Mosaic City, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  G+SCREENING, Photography from Korea, INDEXG, Toronto, Canada
  Searching for Picture in Hiding, Dongduck Art Gallery, Seoul
2006  Open_Source, Gallery 175, Seoul
  Door to Door4, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
  Familliar or unordinary Landscape, Arko Art Center, Seoul
  Hyperpolis Cultural LandscapeⅡ-Suncheon _SASeoul Association of Architects Workshop , Lock Museum, Seoul
  Millenary Legend 'Story in Gangjin', Unesco-Salle des pas perdus, Paris, France
2005  Take a walk along Cheonggyechun-Visible or invisible, Seoul museum of Art, Seoul
  Viewpoint, Seoshin gallery, Jeonju
  Tipping the balance, Anyang Public Art Project 2005, Permanent Art Work, Anyang Art Park, Anyang
  17 by 17, Total museum of contemporary Art, Seoul
2000  The Gaze, Art Center NAbi , Seoul
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