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Byunghoon Kim

Byunghoon Kim

1974 (b. Kangwon-do)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability B.F.A Painting, Kyonggi University
Genre photographic
Keyword Landscape,black-and-white photograph, Nature, Tree, City, Street
Member Gallery Gallery2
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Artist Profiles

2000 B.F.A Painting, Kyonggi University
1997 Graduated From Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of The Arts
Solo Exhibitions
2009  GREEN, Gallery 2, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  With the Wind, Gallery Chai ,Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Divine Tree, Gallery 2,Seoul View Exhibition
2006  The Probability Forecast Of Rainfall, 20% ,Cafe Freezing Rain,Seoul
2005  Slow Walk, Gallery Jinsun,Seoul View Exhibition
2002  Limitless Sunshine To All Matter, Mafed Gallery ,Seoul View Exhibition
2001  Something Makes Me Sad ,HowArt Gallery,Seoul
  Something Makes Me Sad ,Time Space Gallery,Seoul
2000  Letter Story ,Mafed Gallery ,Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2009  Trace of the 10 years before_Reads A Time1999-2008,Seoul Museum of ArtGyeonghuigung,Seoul
  Ulsan International Photography Festival ,Ulsan Culture Art Center,Ulsan
  MUSEUM 2 ,Korea Art center,Busan
  COACH, Tastemaker Totes Auction ,Shinsegae Centumcity,Busan
2008  DAKS, Making History ,Sungkock Museum,Seoul
  Gana Art Center, Jangheung Atelier 1st ArtistsInResidence
  Let A Thousand Flowers blossom, Gana Art Atelier Artists Exhibition ,Insa Art Center,Seoul, Gana Art,Busan
  The 1st Shinsegae Gallery Art Fair ,Shinsegae Gallery,Seoul
  The Bridge, In Celebration Of The 25th Anniversary Of The Openning Of Gana Art Center ,Gana ArtCenter,Seoul
  Jangheung Art Park Open Studio ,Jangheung Art Park,Jang Heung, Kyonggido
  PreSeoul Photo Art Fair ,COEX, Pacific Hall,Seoul
  Korean Contemporary Art ,Cite International Des Arts,Paris, France
2007  Now Here No Where, Openning Exhibition ,IM ART Gallery,Seoul
  H, meets artist ,Hyundai Department Store,Seoul
  Jangheung Art Park Open Studio ,Jangheung Art Park,Jangheung, Kyonggido
  Young Artist, Guroom Projet ,Space VAVA,Seoul
2006  Donggang Photo Festival 2006 ,Donggang Photo Museum,Yeongwol
2005  The 2nd Cutting Edge Contemporary Art Auction ,Seoul Auction,Seoul
  Timespace Invitation Of Inaugurate Phôs Gallery ,Phôs Gallery,Seoul
  The Park ,Seoul Olympic Art Museum,Seoul
  Photo & Space ,Decoya BD,Seoul
2004  Voice off, Participated In Festival Des Rencontre D'Arles ,Arles, France
2003  Paradise Of Everyday Life ,Prism Gallery,Deajon
  The 2nd Seoul Auction Fair 2003 ,A+space Gallery,Seoul
2002  House Project ,Seoul Auction_Chungdam,Seoul
  Thousand Of Eye, Thousand Of Road ,Ducwon Gallery,Seoul
  Photographs & Contemporary Art ,Seoul Auction,Seoul
2001  Seoul, By Atget's View ,HowArt Gallery,Seoul
  Photographs & Contemporary Art ,Seoul Auction,Seoul
  Isele Project 1 Sunyoudo ,O2 Gallery,Seoul
2000  Seoul '99 Arles, Young Artists Of Korea ,HanLim Museum,Deajon
  The Next Generation ,The Korean Culture&Art Foundation Art Center,Seoul
  HowArt Photo Collection ,HowArt Gallery,Seoul
1999  Seal ,Kumho Museum,Seoul
  The Reason Of Affection For A Walk, Passage Of Consciousness ,Jo Sunghee Gallery,Seoul
  Participated In Festival Des Rencontre D'Arles ,Arles, France
1998  HUN & O ,Samsung Photo Gallery,Seoul
1994  The Smell Of The Black Sea ,DongJu Gallery,Seoul
  Absurd Happenings ,Next Gallery,Seoul
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