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Choonghyun Roh

Choonghyun Roh

1970 ( b. Gyeongsangnam-do )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A Painting, Hongik University, Seoul
Genre painting
Keyword Landscape, Building, Space
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  • camping

  • snow

  • heavy snow

  • Play room

  • Contest

Artist Profiles

2006 M.F.A Painting, Hongik University, Seoul
1999 B.F.A Painting, Hongik University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2013  Prosaic Landscape, Kukje Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2011  Prosaic Landscape, Johyun Gallery, Busan View Exhibition
2009  Closed-door room, Project Space Sarubia, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Zari, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  Prosaic Landscape, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2011  SHIFT, Johyun Gallery, Seoul
  Korean Paintings – Reading Photographs, Gallery Factory, Seoul
  Korean Paintings – Painting Photographs,16Bungee, Seoul
2010  SHIFT, Johyun Gallery, Seoul
  Criminal Scenes in Korea, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul
  Between, ONE AND J. GALLERY,Seoul View Exhibition
  Two Ways of Paintings : Make Full, Make Void, Gallery King, Seoul
2009  Another Masterpiece: New Acquisitions, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggi-do
2008  Dazed & Painted, Seomi & Tuus Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Busan Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, Korea View Exhibition
  Sail along Hangang Renaissance, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Art in Daegu 2008: Uprising of the Image, KT & G, Daegu, Korea View Exhibition
  Beyond Definition, interalia, Seoul View Exhibition
  Metropolis in Sub-Way-World, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
  Be in touch with, workroom, Seoul
2007  Traces of City Paintings, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul
  Sunshine and Wind, Gallery SoSo, Hyeiry, Korea
  On Painting, Kukje Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Scenes-City Painting, Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul
  SeMA 2006, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  Fund-raising Exhibition, Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
  The 28th JoongAng Grand Art Awards, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  No Emigration III: Nine Scenes Songs of Dongsung-dong, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul
2005  Seoul Young Artists Awards-Portfolio 2005, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
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