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Jinyong Lee

Jinyong Lee

1961 (b. Busan)

Activity Busan
Academic ability B.F.A Dong-A University, Busan, Korea
Genre painting, photographic, sculpture, installation
Member Gallery Arario Gallery
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  • The nature in the drawer

  • The magnification l

  • The monument(camera)

  • Richter

  • The monument(books)

Artist Profiles

. B.F.A Dong-A University, Busan, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2008  Jinyong Lee Solo Exhibition, ARARIO GALLERY, Cheonan, Korea View Exhibition
2005  LA Artcore, Los Angeles, USA
2004  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003  Artcore Brewery Annex, LA,.USA
  Gallery Sejul, Open Studio
2002  Artcore Brewery Annex, LA,.USA
2001  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2000  Artcore Brewery Annex, LA, USA
1999  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998  N/C Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Yemac Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1997  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994  Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993  Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990  Johyun Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Ace Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2004  Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
  5 Artists, Column Gallery, Manhatten, New York, USA
  Pleasure Factory, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2001  Invitation Exhibition, Linda Durham Gallery, New Mexico, USA
1999  A. Ulrich Museum do Art, Wichita, Kansas, USA
  Korean Contemporary Art, Wichita State University, Edwin Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas, USA
  3 Artists Exhibition, CS FINE ART, La Crescents, California, USA
  May Exhibition, Yemac Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Museum, Laramie, Wyoming, USA
  Korean Contemporary Art, University of Wyoming Art, USA
1998  Korean Contemporary Art, Cemilios Cultural Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
  Korea-Japan Contemporary Art, Kyushu City Meseum, Japan
1997  Jaesu Budae Exhibition, Arts Center, Taegue, Korea
  IL MARE 10 Rassengna Di Arte Contemporanea, Sala Dei Templari, Italy
1993  Asia Modern Sculpture, Dongbaek Art Center, Pusan, Korea
1992  Three Artists, Yoon Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  7 Artist Sculpture, Bada Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Noksaek Gallery Opening Special Exhibition, Noksaek Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Dong-A Art Exhibition, Citizen Convention Center, Pusan, Korea
  Kwangannli Artist Town Event, Kyung-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  92 Pusan Sculpture, Dongbaek Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  92 Korean New Generation Art, Kyung-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1991  Demilitarized Zone Arts and Cultural Movement, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  Coffee and Cock, Sonamu Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Coffee and Cock, Sa-in Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Escape From Genres : modern art Selected Exhibition, Hu-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  From Deconstruction Sculpture, Keum Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Expansion of Conscious, Kyung-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Installation with useless Things, National Theater, Seoul, Korea
1990  Case Cade Exhibition, Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  PUSAN International Contemporary Art Festival, Kwanganli, Pusan, Korea
  Jangeungpo Arts Festival, Cultural Center, Jangseungpo, Korea
  90 Contemporary Artists’ Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Dongsung Arts Center, Taebaek Gallery, Korea
1989  Experience, Sa-in Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Theseday, Catholic Center, Pusan, Korea
1987  Kyul Member’s Exhibition, Rotary Gallery, Pusan / Korea Gallery, Korea
  2nd Spain International Post Arts Exhibition, Lerida, Spain
1985  KIS 85 Kunsan International Show, Chungbuk Province Arts Center, Chunju, Korea
  Third Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Frontier Festival Exhibition, Third Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  3rd Kangpae Exhibition, Catholic Center, Pusan, Korea
  Pusan Watercolor Korea-Japan Exchange, Wonang Museum in Pusan, Yanai Museum in Japan
  Kangpae Exhibition From Toys, Yoo Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  20x20, Sa-in Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Pusan Biennale, Municipal Gallery, Citizen Convention Center, Pusan, Korea
1984  Kangpae Exhibition, Catholic Center, Pusan, Korea
  Kangpae Pusan and Periphery Exhibition, Yoo Gallery, Pusan, Korea
  Living Art Exhibition by 105 Artists, Arab Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea
1983  Object, Distancing and Facing Exhibition, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
2003  Artist Prize In LA Artcore Awards, LA Artcore, USA
1992  1983-92 Special Prize/Selected In 9 Times In Korea Art Awards, National Modern Art Museum, Gwacheon, Korea
  Patricipated in The Exhibition For Seoul Modern Sculpture Awards, Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Excellent/Incentive Prize In The Open Air Sculpture Exhibition, Olympic Park, Pusan, Korea
  The First Prize In Buli Art Awards, Cultural Center, Pusan, Korea
1990  Special Prize In Dogn-a Art Awards, National Modern Art Museum, Gwacheon
1989  Paricipated in Joongang Art Awards, Ho-am Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1984  The First Prize in Spejong Art Awards, Hyatt Hotel, Seoul, Korea
1981  Special Prize In MBC Art Awards, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Awards A Gold Medal Prize / A Specila Prize In Korea Contemporary Art Awards, Design Center, Seoul, Korea
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