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Yoonmi Lee

Yoonmi Lee

1970 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Meisterschueler, University of the Arts in Bremen,Germany -Department of Plastic by Prof. Yuji Takeoka
Genre painting, drawing, installation
Keyword Three-dimensional Drawing, Space in the space, Space Drawing,Pictorial space
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  • the Tree

  • installation view

  • the Tree

  • Space drawing

  • Space Drawing

Artist Profiles

2005 Meisterschueler, University of the Arts in Bremen,Germany -Department of Plastic by Prof. Yuji Takeoka
2004 Diplom, University of the Arts in Bremen,Germany. byProf. YujiTakeoka
1996 M.F.A, Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul
1994 B.F.A, Painting, Hong-ik University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2012  Space Drawing, Gallery On, Seoul View Exhibition
2010  Yoonmi Lee Solo Exhibition, Gallery Sejul, Seoul View Exhibition
  Into Space, Gahoedong 60.Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Yoonmi Lee Solo Exhibition, Gallery ON, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Space Drawing, kim. Jinhye Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  Gallery DOS , Seoul
2003  Gallery im Atelierhof, Bremen, Germany
1995  Jongro Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2012  Space Drawing by Lee Yoonmi, GAHOEDONG 60, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  PictorialHarmonies, Yoo Art Space6thAnniversary Exhibition,YooArtSpace,
2008  2-Prospect, Gallery Shanti, Seoul View Exhibition
  The Bad Bookstore, Gallery Mui, Seoul
2007  1rd Yebo, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
  Incheon International Women Art Biennale, Incheon Culture and ArtsCenter
  Wall Painting, Seo gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Into Drawing , Drawing Center, SOMA Museum, Seoul
2006  Youngin International Art Expo, Gyeonggi-do
2005  Meisterschueler,Die Abwesenheit der brennende Pudel , Bermen, Germany
2004  Diplome Kunst 2004, Bremen, Germany
1997  Three Hundred Spaces , Dam Gallery ,Seoul
1996  From Wawoo 3rd, Baeksang Gallery,Seoul
  Epoch Show,Epoch Gallery,Seoul
1995  Seoul Contemporary Festival, TheKorean Culture&A rtsFoundation, Seoul
  New Form ,Yoon Gallery , Seoul
  Mbc Art Festival,Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  From Wawoo 2rd , Baeksang Gallery ,Seoul
1994  From Wawoo 1rd ,Baeksang Gallery ,Seoul
  Mbc Art Festival ,Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  KLOS ,Insa Gallery ,Seoul
  C516,Gwanhoon Gallery ,Seoul
2010  Connection Zone Project, Seo Gallery ,Seoul View Exhibition
2008  The World Made up of Lines, Alternative Space Project, The Columns Gallery,Seoul
  Art Culture in Palace, Deoksu Palace Wall, Seoul
2007  Strolling the Christmas Forest, Charity Exhibition, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2005  Anyang Pubic Art Project- Changjak-haedanghwa worksshop, Gyeonggi-do
2004  Projekt im Hafen Schwebende Lasten II ,Bremen,Germany
2002  Group Project,Psychiatrische Klinik , Den Dolder , Nederland
2000  Hin und Zurueck . Kulturzentrum, Bremen, Germany
2007  1st Group of Artist in Residence, Nanji Art Studio by Seoul Museum of Art
1996  Mbc Art Festival ,Seoul Art Center, Seoul
1995  Mbc Art Festival ,Seoul Art Center, Seoul

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