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Sunkyung Lee

Sunkyung Lee

1975 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability B.F.A Painting Silla University, Korea, Busan
Genre painting
Keyword face,multiple personality,self_portrait
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Artist Profiles

0000 B.F.A Painting Silla University, Korea, Busan
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Face, Alternative CHUNG GEONG GAK View Exhibition
2008  Paradise, window Gallery.,Gallery HYUNDAI,Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Face, Alliance Francaise Busan ,Busan ,Korea View Exhibition
2006  Face ,X CHIYOFUKU ,Chiyofuku ,Japan
  Face ,Song Eun Gallery ,Seoul ,Korea View Exhibition
2005  Drawing Exhibition ,Art In Ori ,Busan ,Korea
  Face, Kwanhoon Gallery ,Seoul ,Korea View Exhibition
2004  Drawing Exhibition - Self Portrait ,Gallery Elsa ,Busan ,Korea
2003  Family- Dangerous Cohabitation ,Gallery Elsa ,Busan ,Korea
2002  Childhood ,Jeon Kyung Suk Gallery ,Busan ,Korea
2001  Falling Into a Swamp ,Gallery Elsa,Busan ,Korea
Group Exhibitions
2009  Do window vol.1,Do art,Seoul
2007  The 7th Song Eun Art Award ,Insa Art Center ,Seoul ,Korea
  NASN Symposium -Door to Door 5 ,Openspace Bae ,Busan ,Korea
  Draw ...ing ,Art Space Mindlle ,Busan ,Korea
  Three points of eyesight ,Gallery KunstDoc ,Seoul ,Korea
  Bathroom Project ,Space Bandee ,Busan ,Korea
  Different pattern point of view, Different pattern experience ,SuWon ArtCenter ,Suwon ,Korea
  Remember Kunstdoc 2007 ,Gallery KunstDoc ,Seoul ,Korea
  An Overt Abyss ,Galerie Hellhof , Kronberg ,German
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