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Shinhye Kim

Shinhye Kim

1977 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Master of Fine Art, Dept. of Oriental Painting, Seoul National University (SNU)
Genre painting
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  • Looking At Anemone

  • Mt. Fuji

  • Looking At Red Blossom

  • Sea of Jeju

  • Hot Dog Bean

Artist Profiles

2010 Master of Fine Art, Dept. of Oriental Painting, Seoul National University (SNU)
2002 Bachelor of Arts, Department of Archeology and Art History, SNU
2002 Bachelor of Fine Art, Department of Oriental Painting, SNU
Solo Exhibitions
2012  Utopia, Gallery Songadang, Seoul View Exhibition
  Mini Exhibition, 63sky Art Museum, Seoul
2011  Another Landscape-an expanded view, Hanwon Museum, Seoul View Exhibition
  the 3rd Landscape, KAIST Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2010  The 3rd Nature, Gallery Gaga, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2012  One hundred Flowers in Bloom, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
  Contemporary Landscape Paintings, Gallery Golmok, Seoul
  Creation in Art, Korean Culture Center, Berlin
  Garden with Plum Blossoms, Whanki Museum, Seoul
  Confession: Advertisement, Art and the Public, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
  Wine, Gail Museum of Art, Gapyeong
2011  Green, Gong Artspace, Seoul
  Calendars, Seoul Auction Gangnam, Seoul
  Shinhye Kim, Jeongeun YI YI, Selo Art, Seoul
  Sangyoon Kim, Shinhye Kim, Jungwon Lee, 123 Gallery, Seoul
  Both Way Traffic Jam, Gyunggi University, Suwon
  Alumni Exhibition of Seoul National University, Bunam Gallery, Seoul
  Flowers, Trees and Water, Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung
  IYAP-Interalia Young Artist Promotion-society of the spectacle, Interalia, Seoul
  The Rebirth of Nature-spring, Hyundai Department Store Mia Galllery H, Seoul
  Pleasant Painting & Enjoyable Sculpture, Boopyung Art Center, Boopyung
  Fans in summer, Seoul Auction Gangnam, Seoul
  First Step...12 Animals, Hyundai Department Store Mokdong Gallery H, Seoul
  Share Dreams and Hope, CNB Gallery, Seoul
  Relation, Guro Artsvalley Gallery, Seoul
  Good Time, Andong Art Center, Andong
2010  ASYAAF-Asian Students & Young Artists Art Festival, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul
  Fun Fun Christmas, Daehakro Mio Gallery, Seoul
  Bundang International Art Show-an esthetic of unity, Sungnam Art Center, Bundang
  ASYAAF Hot Artists, Moi Gallery, Seoul
  Degree Show, College Of Fine Arts SNU, Seoul
  Korean Painting Fantasy-sensuous reinterpretation of korean painting, Seoul Museum Of Art, Seoul
  Joy of Painting, Hanwon Museum Of Art, Seoul
  12th Cutting Edge, Seoul Auction Space, Gana Art Center, Seoul
  Art in Dialog, Space 599, Seoul
  Sirius-the 30th place, Gong Artspace, Seoul
  Step Up, Lina Gallery, Seoul
  Wall of Life Project, Etz Chayyim Center, Medison Co.,Ltd. Seoul
2009  ON-OFF, Gallery La Mer, Seoul
  Seoul Metro Art Award, Gallery Seoul Metro, Seoul
  11th KRING Exhibition-extended movement, Cultural Complex Kring, Seoul
  Proclaim, SNU Culture Center, Seoul
2008  Proclaim, Gallery Jung, Seoul
  Exhibition for All, Kyobo Bookstore, Seoul
2007  Proclaim, SNU Culture Center, Seoul
  New Form and Spirits, Gallery Gaia Seoul
2003  Alumni Exhibition of Seoul Arts High School, Seoul Arts High School, Seoul
  The Story of Korean Painting, Gallery Joonghwa, Tokyo, Japan
  50thAlumni Exhibition of Seoul Arts High School, Sejong Center For The Performing Arts, Seoul
  50106, SNU Culture Center, Seoul
  Unfold, Gallery Jongro, Seoul
2002  Alumni Exhibition of Yewon Arts Middle School, Yewon Arts Middle School, Seoul
  New Form and Spirits, Gallery Dukwon, Seoul
  50106, SNU Culture Center, Seoul
  Young Artists, Insa Art Plaza, Seoul
  Korean Color + Form, SNU Culture Center, Seoul
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