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Hyelim Cha

Hyelim Cha

1979 (b. Incheon)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Graduate, Media Art, Kaywon School of Art & Design, GyeongGi-Do, KOREA
Genre painting, drawing, installation, media
Keyword Escape, Creation, Narrative, Storytelling, Body, Language, Theater of Cruelty, Cinema Direction, Web Generation,Collective Intelligence
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Artist Profiles

2006 Graduate, Media Art, Kaywon School of Art & Design, GyeongGi-Do, KOREA
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Cha, Hyelim Solo Show, Space Hamilton, Seoul, Korea ,Nov. 8th, 2010
2009  Duble Negative, Munhwailbo gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006  Hyper-Hybridization, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Extreme Private Practice, Art Space Aleph, Mokpo, Korea
2009  New Energy, Seoul Art Space, Seoul, Korea
  Kim, Jiwon & Cha, Hyelim, Space of Art, etc., Seoul, Korea
  Art Practice, SEOgallery, Seoul, Korea
  Song Eun Art Award, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2008  DramaStation 2.0, Alternative Space LOOP,Seoul, Korea
  The Cake House, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Seogyo Nanjang, Gallery SangSangmadang, Space of Art, etc., Seoul, Korea
  Very Insignificant, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea
  Law & Amusement, Kaywon School of Art & Design gallery 27, GyeongGi-Do, Korea
2007  Youido Public Art Project, Park of Youido, Seoul, Korea
  Preview , Team preview, Seoul, Korea
  Three Points of View through the Body, Gallery Andante, Seoul, Korea
  Visible Sound , Seoul National School for the Deaf, Seoul, Korea
  Hello, Chelsea! 2007, PS 35 Gallery, New York, USA
  Selected Artist Exhibition, Gallery SP, Seoul, Korea
2006  Parasite Services 1.0, Art Space HUE, Seoul, Korea
2010  SeMA - Selected Emerging Artists Support Program of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2009  Song Eun Art Award, Song Eun Arts & Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea
  The Sponsorship of Visual Arts, Seoul Foundation for Art and Council, Seoul, Korea
2008  Selected Solo Exhibition Artist, Munhwa-Ilbo gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Archive Artist of Soma Drawing Center. SOMA drawing center, Seoul, Korea
  Selected Artist, SEO gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006  Artist supported New Start Program of Arts Council Korea, Seoul, Korea
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