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Jia Chang

Jia Chang

1973 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability BFA Korean National University of the Art, Seoul
Genre photographic, installation, media
Keyword Body, Female, Secretion, Video, Performance
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  • Sitting Young Girl

  • Fixation box

  • Standing up peeing

  • Wonderful happiness insurance

  • Princess said

Artist Profiles

2004 BFA Korean National University of the Art, Seoul
2001 MA Korean National University of the Art, Seoul
1997 MA ChuGye University for the Arts, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2013  The Reason Is You, Gaain gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2011  I confess, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Chang jia fifth project, Omerta-Commandment of Silence, Walsh gallery, Chicago
2007  Omerta, Alt Space LOOP, Seoul View Exhibition
2004  Where is the center of gravity?, Seoul Art Cinema, Seoul View Exhibition
2002  Wonderful happiness insurance, Iiju Art House, Seoul View Exhibition
2001  What's the matter?, Art Sonje Center, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2013  Encuentro etre artista, Centro cultural coreano en espana, Spain
  What if~corea campanella, Amadeus Hotel venice Corea Campanella
  Love actually, Seoul museum, Seoul
2012  Move on asia: Video Art in Asia 2002 to 2012, ZKM Media Museum/ Karlsruhe, Germany
  Nomadic report 2012, Arko museum, Seoul
  Energy, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
  Move on asia, Alt Space LOOP, Seoul
  Playground in Island 2012, KYS meeting hall, Kota Kinabalu
2011  Selectively Revealed, Goyang Aram Art center, Gyunggi
  Video+Cast, Arko Museum Project Space, Seoul
  Seoul International New Media Festival: New Image, New Usage, KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul
  Move on Asia, The End of Video-Art LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Gijon, Spain
2010  Artist's body, Koreana museum, Seoul
2009  Between the border, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
  Resonance Green Korea: Climate Change in the Bosom of Culture , Frederiksberg Townhall Copenhagen
  Dissonant Visions, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Resonance Green Korea: Climate Change in the Bosom of Culture , Total museum, Seoul
  New acquisitions, Gyeonggi MoMA, Gyeonggi
2008  Coffee with suger, Bulgaria, Turkey, Denmark
  Eonni is back, Gyeonggi MoMA, Gyeonggi
  Korean episode- Alt Space LOOP, Seoul
  One fine spring day, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju
  Out of touch- Kunsthalle wine ursula blickle video lounge, Wien
2007  Women Artists in Action, San Francisco City hall somart gallery, San Francisco
  New media lounge, Walsh Gallery, Chicago
  The limit of senses, NYK gallery, Yokohama
  The complete body of new media art, New York
  Drawn to Drawing 2, Soma Museum, Seoul
  Eroticism 21c, artsonje center, Seoul
2006  Gender and Society, The art gallery, Florida
  Symptom of Adolescence, Roding gallery. Seoul
  Merz of room, Nam Seoul Annex building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Her room, Arco Art Center, Seoul
2005  Seoulnow, Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen
  Seoul Exhibition of Young Artists, Seoul Museum of Art,seoul
  Fantastic Asia, Sungkokmuseum, Seoul
2004  Move on Asia, Remo Gallery, Osaka
  Thai film Festival, Alliance rancaise Bangkok International Artcenter, Bangkok
  10th International congress for art performance, Seoul
  A grain of dust a drop of water , Gwangju biennale, Gwangju
  Move on Asia & Single Channel Video Art Festival, sbs , Seoul
  Body around, korean cultural center, Los angeles
2003  The wedding, Sungkok museum, Seoul
  Relative reality, walsh gallery, Chicago
  Crossings 2003, Koa Gallery, Hawaii
2002  Volatile Boundaries, pkm gallery, Seoul
2001  Shot film, Art cube, Seoul
  Beyond origin, Hellenic American Union in Athens, Greece
2000  Soup, Art sonje Center, Seoul
  International art festival 2000, Living together, Amu Tachikawa, Tokyo
  International conference of 2000, Social Praxis of the image, Taipei
1997  International Electronic Music Festival, Seoul Art Center
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