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Doojin Ahn

Doojin Ahn

1975 (b. Gyeonggi-do Yeoju-gun )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M F A, Painting Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
Genre painting, drawing, installation
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  • Saint Brain Temple, installation view, Brain Factory

  • A journey, insatallation view, Alternative Space LOOP

  • Where the wind is remembered

  • Landscape with Cavalry

  • Covert Party at Makom, insatallation view, Project Space SARUBIA

Artist Profiles

2006 M F A, Painting Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
2002 B.F.A, Painting Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2009  History of Izzard, Cais gallery, Hongkong View Exhibition
2008  Covert party at makcom, Project space Sarubia, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Saint Brain Temple,Brain factory View Exhibition
2005  Fantastic hot story, Kyonggi Cultural Foundation View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Lack of being ,Interalia, Seoul
  Open studio - Mongin Art Studio ,Mongin Art Space, Seoul
  Point, Koto art center, Koto View Exhibition
2009  Harlem Open Studio ,Harlem Studio fellowship, New york
  io ,Harlem Studio fellowship, New york
  A New Common Sense of Space ,Museo della Scienza della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano
  Up and Comers ,Total Museum, Seoul
  Doors ,Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, New york
2008  Busan Biennale ,Me-world, Busan
  Privacy ,Gallery eighty, Singapore
  Bridge ,Insa art center, Seoul
  Young Korean Artist, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea View Exhibition
  Privacy,Canvas International art, Amstelveen
  Point ,Altertive Space LOOP, Seoul
  Privacy ,Altertive Space LOOP, Seoul
2007  Nice to meet you,Lewism Art House, London
  The Surplus Time ,The gallery, Seoul
  Art Forecast ,Artistic Report on First-term Artists at Nanji Art studio, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Stress Fighter ,Altertive Space Pool, Seoul
  Hi Pop,Yemac gallery, Seoul
2006  Drawn To Drawing,Soma museum, Seoul
  A Better Tomorrw ,D club Party lounge, Seoul
  Organic Form ,Chosun Art Gallery, Seoul
  Wish List ,Insa art center, Seoul
  Door To Door 4 Alternative-space pool, Seoul
2005  JoongAng Fine Arts Competition,HanGarm Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  Art Toon. Toon Art ,Ga-il Museum, Seoul
  POP ⓘ CON, Kimi Art Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Cutting Edge ,Seoul Aution
2004  Gulliver's Travels,Seonggok Museum, Seoul
  Art and Playing Ⅱ,hangarm Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul
  Talking To The Wall ,Arko Art Center, Seoul
  Sempio Space Open Exhibition ,Attack the Soy Factory,Sempio Space, Ichon, KOREA
2003  The Debates Of Artists - Now & Here Image ,Gallery HanJeon, Seoul
  Pleasure Factory,Kyunghee palace Annex, Seoul
  The Exhibition Of Psycho Drama,Seonggok Museum, Seoul
2002  2001 Korea-China-Japan Students Exchange,Osaka, JAPAN
  G.P.S.- Where is Where,Modern Art Museum of Hongik Unversity, Seoul
  Good Villge to live in Songjeon Elementary School in Chamsil, Seoul
  Chamsil Reconstruction Project:
  Suksu-Nicely Placed in Anyang ,Stone&Water Gallery, Anyang
2009  Harlem Studio Fellowship ,Newyork, U.S.A
2008  Mongin Art Studio by Mongin Art Center
2007  Changdong International Artists Studio Of Korea.
2005  Selected as New Artists ,JoongAng FINE Art Competition
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