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Juwook Park

Juwook Park

1970 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A Seoul National University
Genre painting
Keyword Antistar, Negative Image, Light, Tree
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Artist Profiles

1998 M.F.A Seoul National University
1994 B.F.A Seoul National University
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Anti-Star, Leehwaik Gallery View Exhibition
2009  Anti-Star, Youngeun museum View Exhibition
2007  Gallery Hyundai,Window Gallery
2006  Anti-Star, Dos Gallery View Exhibition
2005  Anti-Star, Dukwon Gallery View Exhibition
2003  Anti-Star, Alternative Space Pool View Exhibition
1999  Hanju Gallery,Light Red
1996  Indeco Gallery,The Shape of Light
1994  Youn Gallery,Light-Existence
Group Exhibitions
2010  level of immunity,Jaha museum, Seoul
  There, there,Park, Ju-Wook/Kim, Hyung-Kwan-Duo Exhibition,Royal Gallery, Seoul
  Korea Galleries Art Fair,BEXCO, Busan
  landscape out of landscape,Pocheon Art Valley, Gyeonggido
  matching point,Youngeun museum, Gyeonggido
  Remind,Youngeun museum. Gyeonggido
2009  Wonderful Pictures,Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
  take a walk in the color,Interalia, Seoul
  come to life,Moin Gallery, Seoul
  Park, Ju-Wook/Lee, Woo-Lim -Duo Exhibition,N Gallery, Gyeonggido
2008  Negative Images,Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan
  Kim, Jung-Sun/Park, Ju-Wook -Duo Exhibition,Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul
  Metamorphic City,Park, Ju Wook/Lee, Ho Jin/Zhang, Qi Kai,Space DA, Beijing
2007  Just Fancy,Noh, Jun/Park, Ju wook/Choi, Byung Jin,Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul
  Traveling Exhibition by Gyeonggido Museum of Art
  Real Image,Insa Art Center, Seoul
  rest:take,Gallery Royal, Seoul
  Seoul Art Fair 2007,Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
  Recto & Verso of Korean Hyper Realism,Gallery LM, Seoul
2006  Korea Young Artist Biennale,Daegu Culture & Art Center, Daegu
2005  Seoul Young Artist Festival Portfolio 2005,Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2004  close into drawing,skape Gallery, Seoul
  New Face,Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
  Use your illusion,Marronnier Museum, Seoul
  Incheon Contemporary Art Festival,Incheon Culture & Art Center, Incheon
  Healing Images’,Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon
2003  Deep-Paintings,Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
  Door to Door,1st Alternative Space Workshop, Seoul
  Cheonggye Projec,Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Project-139,Look at your desire,Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
2002  Won a Prized by Alternative Space Pool Art Contest
2001  Young Works-Look&See,Seojong Culture & Art Center, Seoul
  2001-Environmental Art Festival: Ideal City ,Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2000  relay-relay,Insa Art Center, Seoul
1999  14th, Logos & Pathos,Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
  Heong-Kwan, Kim & Ju-Wook, Park : Duo Exhibition,Hanju Gallery, Seoul
1998  13th, Logos & Pathos,Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1997  Heong-Kwan, Kim & Ju-Wook, Park : Duo Exhibition,Hanju Gallery, Seoul
  12th, Logos & Pathos,Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
1995  Intercourse Exhibition between Seoul National Univ.-Tokyo Art Univ.,Tokyo Art Univ., Tokyo
  The thinking Eyes,Gallery Icon, Seoul
  DMZ for DMZ,Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul
1994  New Form,Yoon Gallery, Seoul
  Intercourse Exhibition between Seoul National Univ.-Tokyo Art Univ,Seoul National Univ., Seoul
  The thinking Eyes,Na Gallery, Seoul
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