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Sanggyun Kim

Sanggyun Kim

1967 (b. Seoul)

Activity Gyeonggi-do
Academic ability M.F.A. Sculpture State University of New York. New Paltz,NY
Genre sculpture, installation
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  • The New Castle 1

  • The Artificial Paradise

  • 2007 Collection 03

  • The Landscape 2008

  • The Way

Artist Profiles

2001 M.F.A. Sculpture State University of New York. New Paltz,NY
1996 M.F.A. Sculpture Fine Art College, Seoul National Univ. Seoul, Korea
1989 B.F.A. Sculpture Fine Art College, Seoul National Univ. Seoul, Korea.
Solo Exhibitions
2009  14072005, The Landscape in memory, JangHeung Art Park Red Space, Kyungki, Korea
2008  The Artificial Paradise 2008,Art Side, Beijing, China
2007  Drawings,Red Mill Gallery, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, USA
2006  The Artificial Paradise, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2003   A landscape 2003, Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2001  Daydreaming,Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art- New York State, USA
  The animal in seven inch squares,Elizabeth B. McGraw arts Center, New Jersey, USA
1996  The method of revelation,21C Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  Art Valley 2010 Story ,Gallery Kuoria, Seoul
  5thSeoul Open Art Pair 2010 ,KOEX,Seoul
  Tolerance in Art II , KookMin art gallery, Seoul, Korea
  A Project for the specific space ,Time address: Sogongdong112,Seoul,Korea
  Gyunggi Project ,Him of GyungGiDo,GMMA, GyungGiDo
  Power of Sculpture ,SAMTOH Gallery, Seoul
2009  GREEN TALE ,MunHawilbo gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Dynamic Freedom International Sculpture Symposium Icheon 2009,Icheon Gymnasium
  Artists of Song Eun-1 ,SongEun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Tolerance in Art , KookMin art gallery, Seoul, Korea
  PyoungHwaNuri Open air sculpture exhibition ,PyoungHwaNuri Park, Paju
  Coal,Casino,Art: Gohan-Sabuk Porject ,Donwon TanJau, Sabuk, Ganwondo
2008  YangJusiJangheung Sculpture Atelier Open Studio ,YangJu Sculpture Atelier, JangHeung
  Gray Nature Gray Forest,The nature made by you-The Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Up and Comers ,Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
  PUBLIC/ART SEOUL,Special On-Line Exhibition
  ESSENTIELLE , Korea Art Center, Busan, Korea
  Red Coil ,Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea
  The 9th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition, Asakura Fumio Memorial Hall, Oita, Japan
2007  Moving,spectrum,Teum Se Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  KIAFF -COEX, Seoul, Korea
  NO BOUNDS ,Sun Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
  The Scales of Time ,The National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea
  2nd Anyang Public Art Project 2007,Anyang Pyungchon City, KyingKido
  City_net Asia 2007 ,Seoul Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
  Out of frame,Chung Mu Art Hall Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Welcome,Wolver Hampton Art Gallery, England
  Hommage100: Korean Contemporary Art 1970-2007 -Korean Art Gallery, Busan, Korea
  DaeJin Faculty Show ,Moran Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Play with picture puzzle ,National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  Con-terminal,National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  Youido Public Art Project ,Youido Park, Seoul
2006  Figurative Sculptur,The Seoul Art Exhibition 2006 -Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Goyang Open studio SUB ,IASK Goyang, KyungKi Do, Korea
  Foresight,OPRA Gallery, Seoul
  Kookmin people,brilliant spirits ,Kookmin art gallery, Seoul, Korea
  The truth of six rooms,Savina Museum, Seoul, Korea
  2006 Seoul Art Fair, Kukjae Gallery ,Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  Inspection of Figure, Reinterpretation of Relics ,Moran Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Believe or Not,Ilmin museum of art, Seoul, Korea
  IN BETWEEN in Korea ,Gallery WooLim, Seoul, Korea
  Propose 7 ,GuemHo Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Circuit Diagram,SongWon Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Merz`s Room -Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  ehS Project 2006 ,Sejong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  20th Anniversary KimSeJoong Sculpture Award Recipient Show ,Seong Gok Museum of Art,Seoul, Korea
  2006 SEOUL Vogue Gallery 10 young artists ,Vogue in Korea
2005  New trends of the fine arts in Korea ,Moran Gallery, Seoul
  The Builder. KIMI Gallery, Seoul
  The First Breathing The Museum at University of Seoul, Korea
  Power artists Exhibition ,Pocheon Art Center, Pocheon, KyoungKi Do, Korea
  The40th Nakwoo show Pyong Tack Ho Museum, Seoul, Korea
  IASK Changdong & Goyang Artist`s workshop 2005 ,Goyang Studio, KyoungKi Do
  Pairs,The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Art Center,Seoul, Korea
  黃山記行 ,Kook Min art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  The History of Korean & artists ,Insa Gallery
  Independence 60th Anniversary New trend in arts ,MokAm Museum,Goyang city
2004  Space, Human and Nature, MokAm Museum,Goyang city
  The 6th Moran Sculpture GRAND-PRIX , Moran Museum, Maseuck
  Reviewing to Korean beauty ,Gongpyong art Center, Seoul
  42th Nak Woo sculptor`s Exhibition ,Art Center, Seoul
  The 4th SongEun Art GRAND-PRIX -,Art Center, Seoul
  New Space, New Sight ,The National Theater of Korea, Seoul
  Art in life ,Josunilbo Meuseum,Seoul
2003  Eleven Sculptor Society Exhivition - Baksong Gallery, Seoul-
  NakWoo sculptors society members`show ,Seoul E.C.center, seoul
2002  無造/ open code ,Ssamzie Space, Seoul,Korea
  23rd Seoul sculptor's of society show,Art center, Seoul
2009  YangJu City, KyungKi, Korea.                                                
  YangJu City Sculpture Academy Atelier,
2007  Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, U.S.A. 
2006   Goyang National Art Studio, Goyang City, Kyung Ki, Korea
2009  Gyung Gi Cultural Foundation Fund
2008  9th OITA Asian Sculpture Exhibition open competition-Excellent Prize, Japan
2007  Freeman Fellowship Asian Award Winner U.S.A.
2006  Korean Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund
  20th Kim SeJoong Younger Generation Award
2004  6th Moran Sculpture Grand-Prix,Grand Prix
  4th SongEun Art Grand-Prix -Misulsang,Second Prize
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