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Kibeom Kwon

Kibeom Kwon

1972 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability D.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National Univ.
Genre painting, drawing
Keyword Glass Flower, Jumble Painting, Ambiguity
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Artist Profiles

2007 D.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National Univ.
2004 M.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National Univ.
1998 B.F.A. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National Univ.
1991 Sun-Hwa Art High School Eynesbury College, Adelaide, Australia.
Solo Exhibitions
2009  Kwon Ki Beom, Art space HYUN, Seoul View Exhibition
  Jumble Painting, Nanji Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Kwon Ki Beom, Gallery Grimson, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  Jumble Painting, YOUNGEUN Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyoeung-Gi View Exhibition
2006  Crash, Changdong National Art Studio Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
  Glass Flower, ARTFORUM NEWGATE, Seoul View Exhibition
2005  GAIA Gallery, Seoul Special Selection
2002  Duk-Won Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  REMIND, YOUNGEUN Museum of Contemporary
  Drawing the world, INCHEON ART PLATFORM
  Memory & Cure, Coexstence of the century, Se-Jong Culture Center
2009  Korean Contemporary Works, Han-Won Museum
  Phantasmagoria Iyoung, Contemporary Art Museum
  20th Anniversary of KKU, KunKook University
  Nanji Open studio, Nanji Art Studio Gallery
  Public, Private Space1, Gallery Jung-mi-so
  Accompany, Bit-tle Gallery
  Public, Private Space2, Gallery Jung-mi-so
  key Projecyt 2009, Young Art Gallery
  Rrizm Museum of Kyung-pook, National University
  Korean Art-Memory of Future, Se-Jong Culture Center
  New Millenium of Oriental PaintingⅩ, Seoul Arts Center
  Sungnam International Incubating Art Show, Sung-nam Arts Center
  New collection 2008 Seoul, Metropolitan Museum of Arts
  Retrospect of Abstraction, Artforum Newgate
2008  Re-recording, Gallery Grimson
  Open Picture, Blooming Open Gallery
  5th Pocheun Contemporary Art Festival Banwoel Art Hall, Jin-San Museum
  Artists-in-Residence Open Studio, YOUNGEUN Museum of Contemporary
  Imagination painted, Yesong Museum
  6 Young Artists of Artforum Newgate, Artforum Newgate
  Rise of Young Artists, Gyeonggi Iyoung Contemporary Art Museum
  Exhibition of SNU Alumnus, Seoul National University Museum of Arts
  SWE, Gallery Grimson
  Anniversary of CAU, Sulabul Gallery
2007  Critical Perspective, In-Sa Arts Center
  Korean paintings, Gallery E-An
  Gangjin, Dongduk Art Gallery
  Pocheon Asia Biennale 2007, Express Terminal Project Space
  Gott Sponger, Gallery Gott
  Time and Memory Art & Park-3, Sung-nam Arts Center
2006  Open Sketchbook, Arrive to Paradise, Alternative space Gott Gallery
  Propose7, Kumho Museum of Art
  DOCUMENT Changdong Open Studio, Changdong National Art Studio
  60th Anniversary of S.N.U, Seoul National University Museum
  Much Colors and Sense, Gallery Zandari
  Freedom vs Control, The New Gate East
  Foresight, Opra Gallery
  MULTI_plus, Gwang Gallery
2005  Gat-Mue-So-Ri, Han Gallery
  Power Artist Po-Cheun Contemporary Art Festival Banwoel Art Hall, Jin-San Museum
  Green Eleven, Gwang Gallery
  Stay Woo-Suck Hall, Seoul National University
2004  New present, Se-Jong Culture Center
  Green Eleven, Han Gallery
  Korea-Germany, Contemporary Art Galerie PARIS BEAUBOURG, Paris, France
  Land, Fire and Wind, Gallery Forum
  Korea-Philippines International Interchange, GSIS, Manilla, Philippines
  Korean sensibility, Dan-Won Museum, Ahn-San
  Happiness-Art journey Museum of Cho-Sun Daily News Paper, CJ Corporation
  Korea-China International Interchange, Sculpture Museum, Qingdao, China
2003  Arts is the image, Gaia Gallery, Seoul
  Centennial Celebration of Korean Immigration to the U.S.A Washington D.C, U.S.A
  50th Anniversary of Korea and the U.S.A, Alliance New York, U.S.A
  Life and Forest Festival 2003, Gong-Pyung Arts Center
  The way of brush Esthetics of deviation, Gong-Pyung Arts Center
  Green Liven, Hanaro Gallery
2001  2001 International Interchange, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  50106 Cultural Center, Seoul National University
  Young, Dream and World, Gallery Art Planet
  Hwa-Yun, Duk-Won Gallery, Seoul
  The illusion and the real, Je-Joo Art Gallery, Je-Joo
1999  Gat-Mue-So-Ri : Sound, Ung-Jun Museum
  50106 Cultural Center, Seoul National University
  The pine tree on 'Nam' mountain, Kong-Pyung Art Center
  Hwa-Yun, Duk-Won Gallery
  Unfamiliar out going, Cho-Hueng Gallery
  New form and spirit, Duk-Won Gallery
1998  New form and spirit, Duk-Won Gallery
  Gat-Mue-So-Ri, Kyung-In Gallery
1997  The shout of a mute, Gallery 21st Century
2009  KEY Project 2009, Young Art Gallery
2007  Project-A bud, YOUNGEUN Museum of Contemporary Art, Hansalang Villag
2006  Understanding of Oriental Painting : KEY Project ,EBS Space Lobby
  Angkor Wat-Gyeoung Joo Culture EXPO ,Korean Pavillion in Angkor Wat
  Enjoy Changdong ,Changdong National Art Studio
2005  Chat and Chat 2005 Scene Between Europe and Asia, Heyday Hotel Alternative Project Place, Xiamen, China
  A START OF BEGINNING KWON, KIBEOM and AN, JUNGJU Video Project, Jung-San road Ferry square video screen, Xiamen, China
  TAROCK live concert, Culture Arts Ceter Lobby Installation Project
  Ctrl, Shift, Insert : KEY Project, Cho-Heung Gallery
2008  The 3rd term of Artists-in-Residence, Seoul Museum of Art, Nanji Art Studio, Korea
2006  The 6th term of Artists-in-Residence YOUNGEUN Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyung-An, Korea
2005  The 4th term of Artists-in-Residence Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul, Korea
2004  Selected, Dong-A Art Competition
  Selected, The 23th Annual Grand Arts Competition of Korea
2003  Selected, Dan-Won Arts Competition
2002  Special Prize, The 24th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition
1999  Selected, '99 MBC Grand Art Competition
  Selected, The 18th Annual Grand Arts Competition of Korea
  Selected, The 21th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition
  Selected, The 10th Competition
1998  Selected, The 20th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition
  Selected, Dong-A Art Competition
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