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Kangwon Lee

Kangwon Lee

1975 (b. Jangseong)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. Sculpture, Graduate School, Hongik University
Genre sculpture
Keyword Sculpture, Landscape, Color, Trace, Fragment
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  • Island-Room in the Memory

  • Skyline

  • Sunrise-Sunset

  • Cloud-Old Pottery

  • Cloud-Dangerous Plan

Artist Profiles

2004 M.F.A. Sculpture, Graduate School, Hongik University
2000 B.F.A. Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University
Solo Exhibitions
2008  A Trace, SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Skyline, Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2005  A Scene, Noam Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2009  Toward the Edge of the Visible, Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Yongin
  Artificial Gene, Cube Space, Seoul
  Artist Gallery-Fleeting, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul
  Against the Sculptural-Three Dimensions of Uncertainty, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Salmons of Kimi, Kimi Art Gallery, Seoul
2008  The Bridge, Insa Art Center, Seoul
  Inevitable Cloud, Manas Art Center, Yangpyeong
2007  Song of Fire, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon
  Surroundings-In and Out, Gallery Ihn, Seoul
2006  Young Korean Artists 2006, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, Gwacheon
  Drifting into the Landscapes of Yeongam, Yeongam Pottery Culture Center, Yeongam
  Document Changdong, National Changdong Art Studio, Seoul
  Merz's Room, Nam Seoul Annex building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Borderline, Kimi Art Gallery, Seoul
2005  Wished to remember me certainly, Noam Gallery, Seoul
2003  Longing for Unification, Dorasan Station, Paju
  Gathering Spaces, Baiksang Memorial Hall, Seoul
2002  The Planet of Insects, Seoho Art Museum, Yangpyeong
2001  Unlimited Big Light New Bud Muscle Strong Recommend, Jeongdok Public Library, Seoul
  Soft plan, Four Tables for Art, Seoul
  Pause, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
2000  Medium Virus, Kepco Plaza Gallery, Seoul
1999  Icheon Factory Art Festival, Icheon
  Installation Project-Bathing, Jaedong Public Bath, Seoul
2009  Seoul City Nanji Art Studio, Seoul Museum of Art
2006  National Changdong Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2007  SOMA Drawing Center Artist Grant, SOMA Museum of Art
2006  Emerging Artist Grant, Arts Council Korea
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