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Onejoon Che

Onejoon Che

1979 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability B.F.A Special project in philosophy and media, Kaywon School of Art and Design
Genre photographic
Keyword Site,The military,Gaze,Photograph, Geopolitics
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  • From the series Unfinished project Island-Transit transfer center 2007.06 (Ground) Bunker #6 2005.05 (Underground)

  • From the series Texas Project-Close of Businees#8

  • From the series Undercooled-Eunpyeong-gu newtown#1, Gupabal

  • From the series Colatheque-Sungdong Colatheque

  • 1.From the series Texas Project-Hyangki nae

Artist Profiles

2005 B.F.A Special project in philosophy and media, Kaywon School of Art and Design
2002 Evidence Photographer, Combat Police Station
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Red Cloud, Ilwoo Space, Seoul
2010  Paju, Touchart gallery, heyri View Exhibition
2009  Townhouse, Insa art space, Seoul
2008  Undercooled, Alternative space pool, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Underground(Texas Project, Colatheque), Brain Factory, Seoul
  Underground, Do art Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2012  Piece pour le Pavillon, La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris
  Piece pour le Pavillon, HAU2, Berlin
2011  The 11th Hermes Korea Art Prize, Atelier Hermes, Seoul, Korea
  Fashion info Art, Plateau Gallery, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
2010  Mouth to Mouth to Mouth, Five Korean Contemporary Artists, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia
  The Flower on the Snow, Daejeon Museum of Modern Art, Daejeon
  A Monumental Tour, Space C, SeoulNew political art in Korea since the 1990s: Bad boys here and now,Gyeonggi Museum of Moden Art, Ansan, Korea
  Seoul Photo Festival, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul
2009  Young Korean Artist, National Museum of Contemporary of Art, Gwacheon View Exhibition
  Photo-op, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle
2008  International Festival of Contemporary Photography: Different Dimension,Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk
  Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2007  Dual Space: Che onejoon & Liu ren, Gallery Mook, Beijing Dashanzi 798
  Around questions of urbanity, Canal de Isabel II, Madrid
2006  Door to Door 4, Alternative space Pool, Seoul
  Nine Landscapes of DongSung, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul
2005  K237 Area Improvement Project, Ssamzie Space, Seoul
  Portfolio 2005, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2004  At First Sight, Dong-gu Art Center, Daegu, Korea
  Document, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2012  Korean Contemporary Art 'Deep Structure', Yebisu International Festival for Art&Alternative Visions, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2010  The Street and Representing Public Space, Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles, Arles
  Experimental Film and Video Festival, Seoul
  Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles, Arles
2009  Geopolitics of the Visible, Noonbit Publishing
2007  Unfinished Project_Island, Insa Art Space, Seoul
  G+SCREENING, Photography from Korea, INDEXG, Toronto
2011  Samsung Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
  Palais de Tokyo, Le Pavaillon, Paris
2009  National Art Studio Changdong, Seoul
2011  The 11th Hermes Korea Art Prize, Hermes Foundation, Seoul
2010  Ilwoo Photography Prize, Ilwoo Foundation, Seoul
2009  Arko art center, Seoul
  Honorable Mention, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA, USA
2006  Korean arts council, Seoul
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