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Xooang Choi

Xooang Choi

1975 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A, Sculpture, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea
Genre sculpture, installation
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  • Reflection

  • Islets of Aspergers Type X

  • Reflection

  • Islets of Aspergers Type I, detail

  • Islets of Aspergers Type IV, detail

Artist Profiles

2005 M.F.A, Sculpture, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea
2002 B.F.A Sculpture, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2014  Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris
  Musee d'Ansembourg, Liège
2013  Condition for Ordinary, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore View Exhibition
  Fake Plastic Trees, SPACE CAN & Old House, Seoul View Exhibition
2010  ISLETS OF ASPERGERS, DOOSAN Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  The human emotion unveiled, galerie albert benamou, Paris
  The Pruritus, Dukwon gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2007  The Vegetative Stage, Gallery LM. Seoul View Exhibition
2004  走光性 走狂人(Phototaxis_mania, Space cell, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2013  Slow Art, Moa Gallery, Paju
  Who is Alice?-Venice Biennale Collateral Event, Light Box Gallery, Venice
  Tele-Be, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
  Hey! Modern Art & Pop Culture/PartⅡ, Musee de la Halle St Peirre, Paris
  Human, for a While, Culture Factory Osan, Osan
  Show Must Go On, Praxis Space, Singapore
  Scenes vs Scenes, SeMA Buk Seoul Museum, Seoul
2012  Chronicled Portrait Painting: Portray Spirit Through Shape, Space Can, Beijing
  House of The Nobleman Project-'One must imagine Sisyphus happy', Neo Bankside, London
  Dream Walking in the Magical Reality, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
  Playground, Arko Art Center, Seoul
  Thoughts on Body, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul
2011  Feminite 0.1, Maison Particuliere Art center, Brussel
  Korea Tomorrow-Hybrid Reality, Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention, Seoul
  New & Now 2010, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  Zeitgeist, Interalia Art Company introduction, Seoul
  Fiction & Nonfiction, Interalia Art Company introduction, Seoul
2010  Here And There_The World in Motion 2010, Fine Art Gallery of Luxun National Institute, Shenyang
  Blindness, Art Space Boan, Seoul
2009  The Beginning of New Era, National Museum of art. Korea (Kimusa), Seoul
  City_net Asia 2009, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  The fabric Arche - Daegu Textile Art Documenta 2009, Deagu Cultual & Arts Center, Deagu, 2009
  Sculpture Spoken Here, Dukwon gallery, Seoul
  Between The Borders, Gwang-ju museum of art, Gwang-ju
  Artist Gallery_ Portrait, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul
  Korean Hyper Realism, Gimhea Arts Center, Gimhea
2008  From Korea -First Step- , Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
  Korean Young Artists 3: Sculptures&Objects- Solitary Meditation, Doosan Gallery, Seoul
  SeogyoSixty 2008 - The Battle of Taste, Gallery SangSangmadang, Seoul
  From Korea -First Step- , Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing
2007  BBULJIT, Alternative Space Choong Jung Gak, Seoul
  Vanitas, Gallery espace sol, Seoul
  Neo Utopia, Gallery Kwan-Hoon, Seoul
  Critical Mass, Gallery Kwan-Hoon, Seoul
2006  Silla, Kyung-ju National Museum, Kyung-ju
  Lilliput in me, Mushroom Arts, New York
  Merz's Room, Seoul Museum of Arts, Seoul
  The Power of Imagination, Korea University Museum, Seoul
2005  Destructive characters (6artists & 1intruder), Gallery Kwan Hoon, Seoul
  Funny Sculpture and Funny Painting, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
  Nano in young artist, Alternative space LOOP, Seoul
  Nano in young artist, Gallery Ssamji, Seoul
  Speaking Of Young Artists, Suggestion Of Critics, Project Space Zip, Seoul
  The Five Senses +α, University Museum of Fine Art, Hong-ik National University, Seoul
  O'pink, Space Phil, Seoul
  The Magic Of Art, Gallery Chosun-ilbo, Seoul
  City_net Asia 2005, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2009  Artists of Tomorrow 2010, Sungkok Museum Award
2008  Fund from Seoul Foundation for Art and Cultuer (NART)
2007  Fund from Seoul Foundation for Art and Cultuer (NART)
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