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Kijong Zin

Kijong Zin

1981 (b. Chuncheon )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability B.F.A. Sculpture, Kyungwon University, Korea
Genre installation, media
Member Gallery Gallery Hyundai
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  • Slaves in the Gulf

  • Romance in the Gulf

  • The Greenland Sea N75 W15

  • Rail Road Series 1

  • Black Bird

Artist Profiles

2005 B.F.A. Sculpture, Kyungwon University, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2010  A Different Similarity bochum Museum, Bochum,Germany
  Plastic Garden Korean Contemporary Art 2010 Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
  30th Anniversary of the Young Korean Artists National Museum of contemporary Arts. Gwacheon,Korea
  IN FACT, OUT MATTERS Gallery 27, Anyang,Korea
2009  A Different Similarity Santral Istanbul Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
  Viewpoints & Viewing Points The 2nd Asian Art Biennial ,The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung,Taiwan
  Live by Play Young Art Taipei ELA-Asia Project Taipei Taiwan
  Visible Hands Ilmin Museum , Seoul, Korea
  Kunstpunkt 09 Open Studio Festival Dusseldorf, Germany
  HEADLINE, Two-Person Exhibition by Kuo Ichen / Kijong Zin Gallery Grand Siecle, Taipei, Taiwan
  TELEVISION: Rules of nation, Gallery Plan.D Dusseldorf, Germany
  EARTH REPORT, 16 Bungee , Do art, Seoul, Korea
  Confliction & Confrontation TAD Associates INC. Shanghai,China
  Biennale Cuvee, OK Centre, Linz, Austria
2008  Extended Senses: Present of Korea/Japan Media Art, Gallery LOOP, Seoul, Korea
  On Air, ARARIO SEOUL, Seoul, Korea
  Turn and Widen, The 5th Seoul international media art biennale, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Extended Senses: Present of Korea/Japan Media Art, NTT Inter Communication Center (ICC), Tokyo, Japan
  Modest Monument: Contemporary Art from Korea, King’s Lynn Arts Centre, UK
  Reflective Asia, The 3rd Nanjing Triennale, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China
2007  Open Video Library Event, MIACA, Yokohama, Japan
  Up-and-Comers, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  LAN to ASIA, Zaim Museum, Yokohama, Japan
  Thermocline of Art, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany
2006  Yeol, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
  Young Korean Artists, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  Circuit Diagram, Songwon Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  R U logged on? ^^;, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
  Drawn to Drawing, Soma Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Young Artists Upgrade Project, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2005  Project I, Art Center NAVI, Seoul, Korea
  Post IMF, Art Ark Gallery, Shanghai, China
2004  Move Around/Dive Deep, Korea-China-Japan Friendship Exhibition, Hallway Post Gallery, Seongnam, Korea
  In-Situ, Seodaemun Prison, Seoul, Korea
  Stream, Kyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon, Korea
  Hangul Dada, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
2009  The 1st techno-aesthetic Forum KT W-style shop Seoul, Korea
2006  Tongyeong International Music Festival Musical “ROSE” Stage Design, Tongyeong ,Korea
2009  The National Art Studio 1 year Residency Program, Chang Dong, Korea
  Duesseldorf Kulturamt Residency Program, Duesseldorf, Germany
2007  Ssamzie Space 1 year Residency Program, Seoul, Korea
  Art Omi Artists Residency Program, New York, USA
2007  New Start Grants for Emerging Arts, Arts Council Korea, Korea
2006  2006 young artists awards, Media art Channel Aliceon.net, Seoul, Korea
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