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Jaeho Jung(1970)

Jaeho Jung(1970)

1970 (b. Busan )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco,
Genre painting, installation
Keyword Painting, Wall painting, Site-specific, Abstract, Landscape
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Artist Profiles

2002 MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco,
1999 MFA, Se-Jong University, Seoul, Korea,
1996 BFA, Se-Jong University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Every Single Day, Gallery BeOne, Seoul View Exhibition
2009  Euphoria, Gallery LVS, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Window gallery, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2007  Euphoria , Seo Gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2006  Made, Goyang art studio gallery
2005  Sweet world, Gallery On, Seoul
2004  Fragmentary, Yoo Art Space, Seoul
2002  Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco
1998  Kwan-Hoon Gallery, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2011  Space Study, Plateau, Seoul
  Another City, B&Viit Gallery, Seoul
2010  Defense Mechanism, Gallery TN, Beijing, China
  Beyond Landscape, Art park Gallery
  33th Anniversary show, sun art center
  Encounter, Interalia gallery
  Up and Comers, Total Museum
2009  Seoul Open Art Fair, Koex
  Pocheon Art Valley Open Exhibition, Poecheon Art Valley
  With art, With artist!, Hangil Gallery
  Antipodes, IE-Young Contemporary Art Museum
  Turning up#2, IamArt Gallery
  Pink City, Eve Gallery
  Do WINDOW vol.1 , Gallery Hyundai
  Cord, Yoo Art Space
2008  Leaving the brush, Doosan we’ve the zenith art gallery, Busan
  Master and Disciple, Gallery Somi, Seoul
  Cutting Edge, Seoul Auction space
  Korea International Art Fair, Koex
  Moa Vision1, Museum of Art Seoul National University
  The First Step, Art Seasons, Beijing, China
  The City, Gallery I-Sang, Seoul
  New Acquisitions show, Seoul Museum of Art
  Busan Biennale, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Busan Museum of Art
  Asian Contemporary and Modern Art, Borobudur Auction, Singapore
2007  Fashion Fever, Grau gallery, Seoul
  Flowers, Aram Nuri Musuem, Ilsan
  Christmas tree show, Doosan gallery,Seoul
  Songeun Art Festival , Insa Art Center, Seoul
  Namsong International Art Fair, Jinsun gallery, Seoul
2006  Korea Art Festival, Knapp gallery, London
  Seo Factory, Seo gallery, Seoul
  Chungdam art festival, Yoo artspace, Seoul
  Power of Asia, Goyang museum
  Sub ,International artist studio program Open studio, Goyang studio
  Young Korean Artist 2006, National museum of Contemporary art
  SEO+LOVE+MEMORY, Seo gallery, Seoul
2004  Seoul Art Fair ,Seoul Art Center
  Drawings, Wall painting project, Seo gallery, Seoul
2003  The LIMN showroom, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
2002  San Francisco Art Institute MFA Exhibition, Fort Mason Center, SF
  Beauty of Diversity, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
  Soho International Art Competition, Agora Gallery, NYC
  Open studios, The Art Explosion, San Francisco
2001  Continuing MFA Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco
1998  Dong-A Art Festival, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul
  Se-Jong Graduate School Exhibition, Kwan-Hoon Gallery
  Seoul Contemporary Art Festival, Fine Art Center, Seoul
1997  Chung-Ang Art Grand Exhibition, Ho-Am Gallery, Seoul
  Se-Jong Art Festival, Seoul Arts Center
1996  Dong-A Art Festival, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul
  MBC Art Grand Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center
1995  MBC Art Grand Exhibition- Special prize
2009  Art wall Project, Seokyo Art Center
2008  BMW MINI art bag project ,Seoul
2006  Public Art- Naksan project, Arco Art Theater outer wall painting
2010  Gana Jang heung Aterier, Korea
2009  Vermont Studio Center, USA
2007  Vermont Studio Center, USA
2006  National Goyang art studio residency, Goyang, Korea
2004  The Millay Colony for the Arts- Artist in Residence, USA
2010  Artist Fellowship, Kyounggi Cultural Foundation
2009  Vermont Studio Center Freeman Full Fellowship
2008  New Artist Trend, Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture
2007  Fellowship for International residency, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
2006  Gyeonggi North YoungArtists Fellowship, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
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