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Kwangho Lee

Kwangho Lee

1967 (b. Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongwon-gun )

Activity Seoul
Academic ability M.F.A. printmaking, Seoul National University, Korea
Genre painting
Keyword Touch, Oil painting,Realism
Member Gallery Kukje Gallery
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Artist Profiles

1999 M.F.A. printmaking, Seoul National University, Korea
1994 B.F.A. ,Painting, , Seoul National University, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  Touch, Johyun Gallery, Busan View Exhibition
2010  Touch, Kukje gallery, Seoul View Exhibition
2008  Daegu MBC Gallery M, Daegu, Korea
2006  Inter-View in Changdong, Changdong Art Studio, Seoul View Exhibition
2003  Paintings with Annotations, Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul
2002  The Spy, Gallery Indeco, Seoul
2001  Gallery Indeco, Seoul
1996  Gallery Boda, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2010  Defense Mechanism, TN gallery, Bajing,
2009  Prague Biennale, Prague, Czech
  Non-landscape Landscape, Pocheon Art Valley, Pocheon, Korea
2008  Reality in Contemporary Art, Cyart Gallery, Seoul
  Reality – Portraits, Zaha Museum, Seoul
  Beyond Definition: still-life, portrait, landscape, Interalia, Seoul
  Fifty- five Contemporary Artists, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2007  A Complex, Sunggok Art Museum, Seoul
  Con-terminal, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  Context & Figure, Daewon Gallery, Seoul
  Where Euclid Walked, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
  On Painting, Kukje gallery, Seoul
  Video Killed the Painting Star, Domus Artium 2002 Salamanca, Spain
  Window and Light, Insa Art Center, Seoul
  Korean Reality & Spirit, Cyart Gallery, Seoul
  Charge Your Imagination, Gyunggi Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea
2006  Selected Artist Exhibition for the III edition of the Castellon County Council
  Propose 7, Keum-ho Museum, Seoul
  Joongang Fine Art Prize, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  International Painting Prize, Castellon, Spain
  New Acquisitions, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
  Figures in Landscape, Gallery the New Gate East, Seoul
  The Truth of Six Rooms, Savina Museum, Seoul
2005  Art & Film, .Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  Seoul Print 2005, Gallery Topohaus, Seoul
  Ryu Yong-moon, Lee Kwang-Ho, Gallery Space Sadi, Seoul
  Read a diary, Gallery Wooduck, Seoul
  Scenery look at the eye, Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, Korea
2004  Seam, Gallery Myart, Seoul
2003  Trick, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul
  The Void of Representation, Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, Korea
  Family, Gallery Shinsegae, Inchon, Korea
2002  Songeun Art Grand Prix, Gongpyeong Art Center. Seoul
  The Mystery, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  Visual & Figure, Gallery Shinsegae, Inchon, Korea
  Korea Young Artists Biennale 2002, Gallery of Daegu Culture Center, Daegu, Korea
  One Thousand Eyes, One Thousand Ways, Gallery Dukwon, Seoul
2001  Young Creation - Seeing, Being Seen, Gallery of Sejong Culture Center, Seoul
2000  Paintings for Nurturing the Intelligence, Gallery Sabina, Seoul
  Convergence and Divergence, Gallery Shinsegye, Incheon, Korea
1999  Painting / Picture, Gallery Dukwon, Seoul
  M.F.A. Exhibition, S.N.U. Museum, Seoul
  The Exhibition of Rhu, Lee, Kim, Gallery Seonam, Seoul
1998  The Art of Painting, Gallery Dukwon, Seoul
1997  300 Spaces, Gallery Youn, Seoul
  S.N.U. & Tokyo Nat'l Univ Joint Print Exhibition, Tokyo Nat'l Univ, Japan
  The Political Survival of Artists, Gallery Boda, Seoul
  Inter-View, Gallery Dukwon, Seoul
1996  S.N.U. & Tokyo Nat'l Univ Joint Print Exhibition, S.N.U. Seoul
  The Language of Print Exhibition, Gallery Boda, Seoul
  D-22 / Politics outside of Politics, Gallery Boda, Seoul
  Tomorrow's Print Exhibition, Gallery Dansung, Seoul
1995  S.N.U. & Tokyo Nat'l Univ Joint Drawing Exhibition, Tokyo Nat'l Univ, Japan
  Contemporary Korean Print Competition, Dongbang Plaza Gallery, Seoul
1994  Convergence and Divergence, Citizen Hall, Incheon, Korea ……
2006  International Artist Studio Program, National Changdong Art Studio, Korea
2006  Selected Artists for the III International Painting Prize of the Castellon County Council, Spain
  Award of Excellence, Joongang Fine Art Prize, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2003  Korean Culture and Arts Foundation fellowship
1995  Award of Excellence, Contemporary Korean Print Competition, Seoul
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